February 21st, 2007

my boss my hero


So I watched Byakkotai part 1 last night...
Damn it's preachy. Kinda predictable too.
It's really depressing!
Ah, it's rather hard to swallow. T_T
Hee, Gisaburou Koki kun's Mom is really adorable though.
And the opening was done quite well; although further in I think they overused the eye shots.
The fanservciey bits were really cute, especially the doggy scene, lol.
Hmn. And zomg the file was huge! Like 900plus MB.


Mmmn, no, nothing else.
Oh Pa came back, all of a sudden, but he' sleaving again today. Hmn.
I'll go back to cutting the pink gingham ichigo.
And make a sales post for the blue. Yeah.
Oh. woke up with Jana calling and stuff.
Yeah. That was it.
I've only been awake today for 2 hours so far. Mmmn.


Hmn. Maybe I'll follow Pi's new drama.
Since it's a rabu comedy thing, with maybe some gakuen. And it has gakuran! Hee.
Ahhh the market needs more comedy type dramas. T_T
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