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just when I finish homework (at long last...!)

pupe is down for maintanence. ;_;

dammit. wanted to upload some schtuff.

sheet. I hope I have enough ribbons left...

please don't update more shop items just yet kyatharine! >_>



(or i hope the bridal event items are crappy. then can save for yukata event..! >:3)

omg lol okay pupe eats mai laif.

k, should get ready for school..
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don't feel like doing work at all feel like looking at pretty dresses and pretty dolls


journal to do

sleeve cap to gather


i want some tea..

procrastination is not good for you!
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too godforsaken early. late. something.

consultation report to hand in in....10 and a half hours.
luckily it's just a glorified essay/report.
George Ng is amazingly lenient, if the work we got back is anything to go by.
Not that I'm complaining of course, hee. <3
Haha when I first saw the guy's name on the timetable, I thought of Paradise Kiss.
chotto chigau da ne. sonna ni kakkokunee da lol.

now let's just hope the print shop is open at least half day tmr? 8D;
haha but not public hol yet what so should be okay right. XD;
(Went to people's park with jacq and nic yesterday.
almost all the cloth shops close lor..)


got on the last train to marina bay today, how bloody awesome/lucky/cool is that?!
and the solitare cards on vista are damn nice. 8D




my throat's damn itchy.
it's prolly gonna feel like crap in another 12ish hours.
exacerbated by how tmr got deadline...
not a good thing to have on the horizon, no.
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deckles and pencils and clay and plaster

whoa school's really fast.
We're making paper tomorrow! :D
never got to actually make some, so it's pretty cool liek zomg. 8D
all the mucking about in 3D art ess is kinda fun.

Drawing essentials is a drag tho. ._.
neccesary, but a drag. meh.
it's like doing nothing but prep work. ergh.

anyway, am trying out the dry-flowers-in-your-microwave thing now, it's pretty cool. 8D although, night time prolly isn't the best time for this thing, but you make do or do without.. anyway, issa way cool. liek, instant desu!! hopefully they'll be embedded in some cute handmade papers.. :D ooh and the flowers on the fence by the field - they're a lovely lupin. *-*

cotton scraps
lint from the dryer
cotton balls
linen and silk scraps??
vanguard folders
junk mail
magazine pages
old crepe paper
used wrapping paper
cardboard backing/boxes
unused! toilet paper

metallic thread
embroidery floss bits
mandarin seeds
cut grass
those paper punches!
food colouring
water colours?
organic fibres..
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YEY! 行きま~~す!


a bit of regret and sadness for things undone
a bit of annoyance at shortcomings [liek omg ふっとった!(・  A・) ー_ー;;;
but overall
i'm kinda excited...
even tho 2008 means we're all growing  ;_____;

the weather was really nice and mild - lovely sunlight , the occasional cloudy/rainy looking hour, constant breeze..
really really nice weather. :D
squestered it away taking photos, sewing aya's bag, trying to pack my table..
haha, didn't go to town with the crew in the end x3;

tsu was saying how the first half an hour of the year is like, the foreshadowing for the rest of the year
tsu decided to wear rori so moar rori will come to her. XDDD
i was finishing reading a gorgeous snarry fic
i got bitten by alot of mosquitoes. on my feet, no less. >_>
i was...gnashing my teeth over which shogatsu event item to buy for my poupee
i stitched a bit of aya's bag too~ for luck, and industriousness. :3
i took a nice long shower too. the lights in my bathroom are finally working, yessss. 8D

so that was my first half hour of 2008..
i have no plans for tomorrow though. i mean. the coming day.
i'll sewwww~~~
unless tsu is going to see the louvre exhibition, lol.
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tpc mos yesterday~~

haven't had mos fries in a while.
eating chocolate cookies and fries together at the same's interesting, at any rate, lol.

!! you went to paris meh?
OMG no sak Tokyo Tower!!!

lol yes i suck. orhz. XD

it's the last day of 2007~~~~~
the weather's good. :3

Really should decide on a uni course ne. ._.;;
Like seriously pick a few. ._.;

we're growing old.
iyadaaaaaa. ._.

oh! went mag browsing after mos.
i rather like esquire, lol.
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