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it scares the shit out of me [July 21, 2008 @ 5:12pm]
dont want to say too much. just.... wish me luck, will you? =)
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Happy Valentine! [February 14, 2008 @ 8:46pm]
My dad keeps spoiling me <33!

Not having a boyfriend = Dad pity me = gifts

The summer is really killing!

btw..... just 10 days until MCR LIVE! :D Got my ticket last week.

yummy~ [August 11, 2007 @ 10:28pm]
Today it was nice.
I went to the mall with three classmates. Once we were there we went to Starbucks and spent more than one hour studying, even the security guard was kind to us and help us with some stuff xD I was just happy drinking my Vanilla Late Venti with soy milk, as always~
Then the girls had to leave and it was just me an Alfonso, the guy whom i sit with everyday. I found out that through this year he has became my best male friend isn’t cute? I love him to death and it amazing how easy we can talk :D  
Hm~ we didn’t do too much, just drank an XB Boost juice (Mango Fresh with soy milk until death!) and made our way to home. Oh! And we also had a Pretzel at  Mr.Pretzel xD! Ñammy! I ate too many delicious things today that I was happy to make some exercises as soon as I arrived at home. Need to be thin!
And now, I’m absolutely tired -0-</p>

AND! As there is was nothing cute I had to buy this! I just love this green man! *0*

Now my old cell phone doesn’t look that ugly, does it?
forgive the bad quality! damn i miss my other cellphone

PD: made a Tora-shi icon <3 just for me

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Cool days are cool (8) [August 08, 2007 @ 5:25pm]
Its raining~ (8)
I love the rain, but that doesn't mean I like the fact that I arrived totally soak to home. Whatever ~
Wa~ Tomorrow I have a Biology test, the kind of test you have to study a week earlier, and i haven't opened a book yet. I'm too lazy~
hm.... Tora looks even sexier lately, i keep thinking on him all day long, wrtiting his kanji in every page, I'm such a fangirl. Right now, that is the only man I would marry. Not even aquamirine, not even cantor, nah~

Everyone at my class is looking for couple for our prom, next year. (yeah, pretty early) and after all, I'm going to my prom with Matias, even if I wasn't very sure at the biggining, is absolutely better than nothing.

Lets pray for __lain this Friday, please <3 
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[July 22, 2007 @ 1:40pm]
At the last time I maneged to pe-order my copy of "Harry Potter an the Deathly Hallows" and yesterday in the middle of raining i got my copy! :D So~ I'll let you know about me and my holidays when I finish it. (dont want to ;O;)

Post locked 'cause i dont wanna see not even a single spoiler!

YEAH! ~ ★ [February 21, 2007 @ 9:00am]
Dont having credit car is really a pain in the ass buying online. A week ago I sent the pament via cash to CJAPAN to order my The worl Ruler copy, and they already recieved the paymnet!! What a relief!~ *___* Now i just have to wait for the release an save monet for alice nine new single and Kra new album I guess. Those japanese guys like our wallets all empty or what? Y' know what i mean....
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Help me here please! [December 02, 2006 @ 12:48am]
Hi there!~ It's been a while.

There is just seven days left until school is over! (weekends not counting) I can't believe it *sobs* after too much stress (arr~) it doesn't  seems right to have three months of  lazyness  xD~  Actually, the next week is full of exams and such, my teachers are crazy I know, the last days are supossed to do nothing! But no, I have to study like crazy to keep my average up.

This sunday I have to go to "Quimey" A kind of field of my school where we realize actvities such as sports, camping days and stuff like that. We are gonna go to sell 'cause there is a cicletada and a lot of ppl (we hope) is gonna go. We are still saving money to our "Gira de estudio" But plans changed. We're not going to Brasil (shit T0T) because a lot of parents were afraid about the health of their sons and daughters.  So we're going to the south of Chile, and Bariloche, Argentina. I dont really care about the place, i just wanna have a good time with my classmates.

I'm planning on order some dvd from cjapan. I've bought from there before, but just by credit card, since I'm not having that possibility this time, I was thinking about the pay via cash, but it seems a bit risky since is a lot of money. Have you ever used this method? If you did, please tell me about your experience. It was safe? Everything went ok? Thanks in advance T3T
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A request!!!! [September 19, 2006 @ 10:12pm]
I'm sure everybody is gonna avoid this post but i can't give up after try....

I wanna make animate icons from pv's and stuff so~
Does anybody know how can i take screecaps from Media Player? And it doesn't a solution the popular  Impro Pant Petsis
Or if you know other method to do it, please tell me~

Please dear ppl T__T
Thanks in advance~ =D
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FRIENDS ONLY [April 30, 2006 @ 9:44pm]
Comment to be added.
I will add you if you...

  1. Are kind and tolerant with me.
  2. Have something in common with me.
  3. Aren't homophobic.
  4. Just are bored and wanna meet someone boring aswell.
  5. Can accept my bad english.
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WTF? Where are the icons? [April 30, 2006 @ 9:37pm]
Hi! Woh~ yup, I've a lot of things to explain.
First of all, for those people who are serching icons, i'm sorry to tell you that right now this is my personal journal, and my new graphic journal is nights_days.
I'm SO sorry for so much problems, but if you are in my friend list and you dont wanna be, feel free to delete me.
Otherwise if you wanna know about my boring life just leave me a post and I'll add you back!
Thats all?
PD: I know yor are going to forgive my english  ;D
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