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r o x y

the heart of surfing

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Roxy, Quiksilver's junior girl's line, is dedicated to active living and the extreme sports lifestyle. The line, which is designed by Dana Dartez is created with the young girl in mind. Roxy prides itself on their connection to the junior customer, progressive yet embracing all elements of life. The clothes range from basic surfwear for sport and style to vintage inspired, forward sportswear. The Roxy girl is involved in beach sports and snow sports and demands a girly fit and functional wear. - Roxy

In 1952 Jack O'Neill invented the first wetsuit so surfers could spend more time in the water. Today,O'Neill continues its innovation through progressive surfers like Rochelle Ballard and Melanie Bartels. Their graceful tube riding and stylish aerials are now part of our movement. With O'Neill's line of wetsuits, clothing,accessories and swimwear you can share this evolution in and out of the water. Imagine yourself already there. - Oneil

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