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the big move [Wednesday
October 11th ♥ 2006 ]
we left so much behind.
including them.
i miss them,
it wasn't fair.
but is any thing ever fair?

Tennesse is beautiful. I miss Florida including the beach && my family and friends...but I have met new ones here that I've already gotten to know & love.

I like this guy...I guess you could say but I AM FREAKING CLUELESS ABOUT DATING && ITS GAMES PERIOD!
I am more of a simple "I like you lets talk" kinda thing...but no...its never like that only in my world.

I am happy my moms putting me in a 'Indoor Soccer League' && I am excited because I think I am getting fatt.

peace =]
1 caught a wave * paddle out

August 13th ♥ 2005 ]

hey guys...wow its bin a while. well i got a myspace. i have had one for a while but then it got deleted! =*( but yeah add me.


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May 15th ♥ 2005 ]
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