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My muffins are warm.

I will freely admit that the only reason I have that as the subject line is because it sounds pervy.

Ok, maybe not. I made muffins yesterday. Orange ones, that took me ages because I never realised zesting an orange was so hard, and getting freshly squeezed juicer without using a lemon squeezer thing is surprisingly tricky. Thankfully, I managed to find it. I ate them when they were warm and steam came off them. Mmm. So tasty.

Today, I made some sort of weird mozzarella fried sandwich thing which was so good. So much melted cheese... comfortingly bland. I think next time I'll add some sort of chilli or tomato sauce with it. My sister quite enjoyed dipping the bread and flipping it over, although she declined to have some because she eats only bacon.

In other sister news, she may or may not be taking her English AS level. As far as I can tell, her teacher will allow her to do it, but she probably won't. I'm not sure on the details as I was eavesdropping in the kitchen because she refuses to talk to me about it. God forbid I should be informed.

Hotmail annoys me today. I can't check my email, or use their instant messenger service. I feel so cut off!