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If you wanna use my body go for it?

Last night I went to see We Are Scientists, which was jolly good fun. I had a suspicion I was seated near a former theology seminar leader, but if it was him he's changed his hair. By which I mean grew it out awfully.

I was surprised by how young a lot of the audience was, which made me feel incredibly old. More so when it was pointed out that most of the youngest kids were on the floor, whilst we were on the first balcony, albeit it excellent seats as close to the stage as physically possible.

Supporting was Oxford Collapse, whom I have never heard of. It soon became clear why; although there was nothing bad about this band, there was nothing good about them either. They seemed like very nice guys from their banter, but their music left me cheerfully indifferent. A bit like REM in places. The highlight was Keith, the WAS singer joining them for a song and then later returning for some not-at-all homoerotic wrestling with the Oxford Collapse singer. When Keith first came on stage (to put some maracas by the drum kit) he was greeted by some rather excited screaming coming from the upper balcony - there was a group of fourteenish year old girls who seemed rather touched by his presence. Seriously, this was some NKOTB level screaming, although from an isolated area of the venue. It's quite nice to think that's who they have on their bedroom wall. I wasn't cool enough for such things in my day. In fact, I didn't have many posters of that ilk on my wall. Oh wait, except for the Hanson ones. Carry on.

Anyway, We Are Scientists were very good, and their lead singer is thoroughly charming. I can't dislike someone who introduces a song with "Ok kids - let's get sexy.", apologises for his poor grammar and then brings the Oxford Collapse singer out to duet with the words "I don't know what you've heard about the Brooklyn music scene, but it's all bullshit. BULLSHIT! He IS the Brooklyn music scene. I know you've got big dreams... but you've got to accept it." One day I will have to accept that fancying skinny literate men inevitably has vegetarianism attached to it.

And now I get to the tedious annoying part of the evening,and also the tedious annoying part of the blogpost, or lj post, which seems slightly more relevant in light of the open source boob project.

A few songs towards the end, I gave my breasts a slight adjustment. Just a quick grope/push to make sure everything was in place, seeing as I'd been doing some vigorous dancing and jumping around. For some reason, I glanced down just after doing this, to see some man gesturing to his friends something about up and boobs, judging from his hand gestures. He and his two friends looked up to see me and then started (and this is difficult to describe without using my own gestures) boob squeezing motions and what could only be described as sex faces. For no reason at all. They were on a completely different floor to me! It happened to be chance that someone saw me in a entirely non-sexual moment of breast/bra adjustment. And, bearing in mind that they were on a different level, they wouldn't even have been able to see any of my clevage, merely an action. So of course I gave them the double finger and fixed my eyes firmly on the stage.

But what the hell was the point of that? What was the point of stopping watching the show to make gestures at a girl on a completely different seating area, an utterly pointless act on so many different levels? Did they think it was funny? Did they think it was some sort of lighthearted flirting, which it totally was not? How is it three idiot men (prime members of the stripey shirt brigade) in a crowd of around 1000, consisting of a much higher level of women than gigs normally have, managed to single me out and make me feel vaguely intimidated? At least with the open source boob project, there was a reason; actual grasping of breasts! What was the aim here? To let me know they were watching me?

What was most frustrating was the lack of recurse here. There is no law about being a dick. There is no law against being a leche in this way, only physical assault. It angers me to think of the number of times things have been yelled at me from cars, ranging from "I love my bike" (yeah I don't know either) to "Do you take it up the arse", which was ACTUALLY SPOKEN TO ME FROM A CAR DURING A TRAFFIC JAM and I should have totally punched him through the open window, and yet there is nothing that can be done about it. Awfully, I've grown to expect it when out in the street. But actually DURING a gig seems different. I've been to so many, and this is the first time this has happened.

Just what is the point of this behaviour?