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My cat has hurt his back foot. He's been hopping around since last night so now he's going to the vet.

The problem is that he's gone out and we don't know where he is. Presumably he's gone and hidden somewhere he feels safe, but it's a bit worrying because he won't be able to defend himself properly if he can't move fast, and there's a big cat down the road he keeps getting in fights with. And losing.

We don't think he got in a fight this time, because it's only the foot that's hurt. Normally he gets more scratches on him. But it can't have been a car either, because otherwise he'd be horribly messed up.

So we think he's broken it, and he might get a kitty plaster cast and a big cone round his face, or they'll have to amputate it. Which wouldn't be too bad; there was a cat near my school who had three legs and he was always jumping around everywhere.

But for now he's hopping around everywhere and looking sad.

In cheerier, non-cat related news, I have been reading Crap At The Environment by Mark Watson. I do like Mark Watson. He's a faux-Welsh ridiculously tall man who likes going through second-hand book shops and was made to push around a chair when he went ice-skating with his school, at least that's what he claims in this book. I laughed out loud at the ice-skating part, and this is from someone who broke their arm last time they went skating. Just think about that image for a moment.

I've read some reviews which say that the book is a little more about Mark Watson than the environment per se, and that's true. But that's ok, because he is great, and a lot of it relates to his difficulties in adopting ecological ways, such as the moment he is told that he'd do better at it if he didn't have the need to be constantly DOING things all the time; this is a man who, at the age of twenty-eight, has gotten a first at Cambridge, written three books, won a Perrier award, created an environmental group and enjoys playing marathon stand-up shows, the longest  of which lasted for 36 hours. It's interesting to see someone try to integrate environmental things into their life when they a) aren't from a particularly political/ecological background and b) aren't really sure of what to do, but in a non-irritating way. I've been trying to make more environmental changes to my life, but really I haven't got much further than telling off people for putting left-over fruit in the bin rather than the compost heap, and using the library a lot.

I've previously read his last book, A Light-Hearted Look at Murder, which I also really enjoyed, and found to be quite sad in places. And I plan to see him when he plays in London in September. And I'm seriously considering buying his first radio series, Mark Watson Makes The World A Considerably Better Place, which has the excellent Tim Minchin in it.

By which I mean I can't find a torrent, and they don't have it in the library.

Furthermore, the second series of that starts in a mere week on Radio 4. Damn, I wish I were him.