deranged librarian groupie (roseability_) wrote,
deranged librarian groupie

oh em gee two in one day!

Time for an update in my 101 in 1001, I feel.

I'll just post the ones I've done. I'm not going through the whole thing again.

1. Have a successful ladyfest. Done, if by successful you mean "one that passed with no one dying".

2. Crochet flowers for ladyfest. Didn't. Don't care.

3. Have one thing at ladyfest that I have organised and feel proud of.  Well, it's over.

8. Buy new linen. Done!

9. Buy new towels. Done!

10. Get my bookcase that was technically a birthday present last year. Done this last  week. I thought it would reduce the amount of crud on my floor. I was wrong.

18. Go to Unskinny bop. Did. didn't love it.

28. Read Guardian reviews. Doing really well! Now I have under forty, which is less than a years worth. Tragically this is a real achievement for me, mostly done through sitting in the living room reading articles whilst waiting for thirty flat applicants to come round.

28. Watch imdb's top 100 films. On number 52. Mostly worth it.

33. Read borders sale books. Almost done! Four to go. Out of around twenty, only one was chuckable.

36. Organise recipe cuttings. A folder now sits on my bookcase.

52. Clear out my granny's sewing box. Done, but doesn't quite feel like mine yet.

64. Get a red lipstick shade. Done! Got a nice benefit shade.

65. Buy glasses. Got a pack of four for like £3 on sale from sainsburys.

67. Eat at Wahaca. Have now done this four times, and got the cookbook for my birthday.

69. See British Sea Power. Saw them in a rescheduled date in february, from november. Twas good.

This is all I've managed to do so far. There are several other ones that I had to add cos I thought I had 101 and I didn't. Here we go:

- talk to my dad about family history
-get a cervical smear. :(
- write a letter to myself at the end of this.
-compare single origin chocolates
-get an rss feed. I have now have one. I hate it, and never use it. Wonderful.  

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