deranged librarian groupie (roseability_) wrote,
deranged librarian groupie

Well hello there 2009!

Last night was quiet but mostly ok. I got to leave work at 2 (my manager may be crappy at coming in on time and doing work, but she is great at giving unofficial time off), I helped my sister make rib marinade, and my brother's Christmas present for me finally arrived. It was a guitar!

I've completely forgotten if I've mentioned this here or not, but around March I bought a guitar from Oxfam for £4, and since then I've been trying to play it with varying levels of success. And my brother bought me a far superior guitar without me even asking him!

It's already way better than my previous guitar just becuase it has a strap holder, meaning I can actually pick it up and play standing up. It has a much slimmer fretboard too, which is great because I have relatively small hands. So many things are much easier to play - now I'm making mistakes because I'm used to stretching my fingers out more. So once that passes, things should improve dramatically. It has a much nicer tone than my old guitar too.

Later in the evening was a little more boring - I ended up watching BBC Three's Most Annoying People of the year (strangely the people who contribute to such shows never feature) and then Jools Holland. I need to revise my viewing schedule. Then at midnight we set off so many party poppers the cat hid under the bookcase. It's a tough time of year for him.

Overall, 2008 was a much better year than 2007 (I mean the second half). Last year I was still mourning the loss of university, working crappy temp jobs that I didn’t care about and was generally deeply angry. Now I’m more resigned, have a decent yet dull job and more of a social life. That’s a better change, I swear.


My new year’s resolution last year was to floss every day. I did that every day, bar two, until some time in April. Around the time I got fired, I think. Obviously that isn’t a year, but that is four months and I’m pretty proud of it. This year I really want to work on my guitar playing. I’ve improved greatly (from knowing nothing to knowing something) but I still feel really uncertain about guitars generally. I have to admit, my practicing was getting a little lapsed, but NEW GUITAR!!! Means I have both the urge, and the ability to actually do better. I swear, that thinner fretboard is going to change everything.

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