deranged librarian groupie (roseability_) wrote,
deranged librarian groupie

Today has been a long and boring day.

There is no particular reason, just lots of little things. There were only four people in the office instead of seven, as well as my manager being missing for whatever reason she gave that day. It was quiet, but with loads to do because there were so few people there. At one point our tech guy fell asleep.

On the way home a group of hooligans (I refuse to say chavs) got on my bus and had a delightful conversation where one related how she dragged a girl off the bus, threw her on the pavement and stamped on her head ("only the once, cos my friend pulled me off"), and how she was outraged that the girl accused her of trying to rob her, because during this assault her bag got thrown in the road. The gall!

Then when they left one of them suggested going through the fire exit. The others said no, so they left through the normal door. Then once they'd gotten off the bus, one of them ran back across the road and opened the fire exit.

So then I shut it.

What an absolutely pointless exercise.

Aside from that it's been stupid things - no food in the house, my brother playing computer games far too loudly, internet connection upping and dying every few minutes just because it can. Downloading the new version of winamp and it refusing to acknowledge my ipod.

I just wish something would happen.
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