deranged librarian groupie (roseability_) wrote,
deranged librarian groupie

The first two days of work at my new job have been less than amazing.

Monday I came in, got all my forms sorted out, and went to my office where I'm working in a team of about twelve. There wasn't a computer for me, because they'd ordered new ones which had arrived on Friday, but the sacred order of the NHS means only IT people can set them up. So they got me some anatomy books and basic stuff on coding to read about, and sent me off to a long lunch. i also couldn't get an ID card because their printer isn't working. So they sent me home at about two.

Today I was told to come in at 10 because my manager had a medical appointment and she would be training me. I did, and she followed shortly after, announcing that she'd realised halfway to her appointment that it is in fact tomorrow. The computer was still not set up, but the IT man came quite quickly. I sat down with some exercise books on clinical coding, and found that it's really quite hard. After lunch I sat down with my manager to do some actual coding for the first time; she'd picked out several sets of notes of babies that had just been born, so all I would have to do was log their existence. And the application didn't work. After fiddling about on the internet for a while, another IT man arrived and it transpired that during the initial install it er, hadn't installed.

So then I went off to the ID card place to pick up my (blank for now) card which would give me access to useful places like my office. And they couldn't find mine, although there was a rather attractive Irish surgeon there to get his.

So once more I was sent home at 2pm. I will be arriving at 10am tomorrow, as my manager is going to her actual doctors appointment.

I am rather annoyed at the comment section in AV Club's Amanda Palmer review. It's perfectly acceptable to dislike her music, but there's a contempt and dismissiveness to what's being sad that often occurs when women are discussed there. It reminds me of the Pippettes album review where someone said the only part of seeing them perform was looking up their skirts.

The fangirlish part of me wants to dive into the comments and correct all the factual errors. But that would be very stupid indeed.
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