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Following on from a Jezebel post about Candace Bushell comes a question nobody bothers to think about.

Which is a worse "feminist" show: Sex In The City or Ally McBeal?

Sex In The City

- Tedious view of women written by men
-Irritating main female character the audience is supposed to emphazise with
- Main female characters on the show remain friends despite no real explanation of why they are friends to begin with. However, other female characters often existed as competition (particularly if younger).
-That weird episode where Carrie decides she can't be with a bisexual man because it's too "juvenile". (Guest star: Alanis Morissette)
-Originally closeted lesbian actress: Cynthia Nixon
- No truly good parodies of which I can remember.
-Irritating gimmick of interviews with "people" representing "men" and "women" thankfully dropped after the first year.
-Quite good for glimpses of second-tier New York actors
-Main relationship between Carrie and Big ridiculously supports emotional isolation, adultery and general dickery if you rilly rilly like someone
- Sarah Jessica Parker voted Maxim's least attractive woman because she has the gall to have a long face.
-Sex and the City lasts for fricking years, allegedly creates trend, has massive film which makes studios realize that women will see films about women (NO SHIT) and makes male film critics say irritating things like "watching this film made my testicles rise back into my body".
-Never made lead characters sing
-Geri Halliwell.
-Ferris Bueller

Ally McBeal

- Tedious view of women written by men
- Irritating female character the audience is supposed to emphazise with
- Most female characters on the show portrayed as competitive and bitchy, with great hair
- All of those weird episodes which would have been offensive had they been better written about sexual harrassment law and diversity in the workplace etc.
- Excellent parodies such as Ally McSquirrel (Adam and Joe), and Single Female Lawyer (futurama)
- Irritating gimmick of "funny" effects really fucking annoying.
-Originally closeted lesbian actress: Portia DeRossi
- Had Robert Downey Jr for a bit until he passed out in his neighbour's car bed
-But also Bon Jovi
- Main relationship between Ally and that Billy guy just fucking weird. But she at least moved on. After he died.
- Calista Flockhart criticised in the media for being incredibly thin
-Was supposed to be zeigeisty, trend-setting show. Was for about a week.
- And that whole kid thing.
-And Dame Edna.
-Han Solo

Conclusion: couldn't give a fuck.
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