March 13th, 2011


I continue to exist.

It has been so long since I've done a proper entry I don't even know what's been happening.

Stuff that's been happening this week.

Our new flatmate moved in at 7am this morning. Her name is Elaine. I know absolutely nothing about her, except she is female and pay rent. I did once know things, but in the course of desperately seeking someone to move in we showed over thirty people round our flat. Worst week ever. In the desperation all I know is I once put a smiley face next to her name.

I won a pub quiz this week! first time ever! I was exceptionally proud. I knew we did very well in the first half, but I thought we totally blew it on the Make Up A Romance Novel cover round, because we went completely off the point and down a rabbithole of avian credit crunch romance covers. But actually it seems drawing an amazing cover of a man with giant wings and an open shirt in an office, the gherkin building in the background and an affronted businesswoman in the foreground was exactly what was needed. I think it helped that we made a synopsis for the back and everything.

It was called Carrion Romancin' tagline - "He came to take her company, instead he took her heart."

Our back synopsis was

"When lonely executive felicity Doright's shoulderpad company went bankrupt, she was forced to work with the cold venture capitalist, Lance Vulture.
Little did she know her greatest enemy would grow to be her closest ally . . . and lover.

But Lance's dark secret was bigger than both of them, and Felicity was forced to wait in the wings ...

[Lance's dark secret was that he actually is a vulture. But only at night. Probably having a massive winged man on the front cover is a bit of a giveaway.]

So we won a whole bunch of stuff!

Yesterday I had a horrendous time purchasing trousers, because all high street chains hate me. In the coming week, an article I have written will be published. I will post the link here.

PS why is there so much kurt/blaine fic where blaine self-harms? Why do I find this slightly amusing?