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Failing the Rorschach Test

Lookin' for those defects, talkin' like it's a reflex

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I am Kol, servant of the living Force.
absolution, action figures and pie, companionshipz, d&d, d-laz, deja vu scares me, ff's, ghetto astronauts, gorillaz, hiroyuki sakai, ice counters, jeom, lyrical depth, m:tg, mathis the black monk, matthew good, mr. dale, mr. seviour, mr. webber, mrs. anderson, mrs. applebee, muld3n, not sleeping, peter mansbridge and cbcs, rpg's, seinfeld, simplicity, star wars, talk talk, tea time elites, the fairfax mission, the living force, vv beautique, walking aimlessly, wookiepedia