Something in and beyond me.

I've been getting frequent Deja Vu lately, and it's near terrifying.

Just a few moments ago I had a extremely long and intense occurance.

I was typing to Jon with my head down, about 4 lines worth over MSN. The whole time I was typing I had the Deja Vu feeling, that I've lived through the exact moment before. You have to understand, I'm talking an extremely lengthy occurance. When I looked up I noticed my display pic, still with the eery and frightening feeling. Almost emmediately I looked down again, this time to shake my head, I guess in an attempt to stop the indescribable sensation of the Deja Vu.

I don't know how to explain the rest... I'll try my best to make it understandable.

The Deja Vu kept going, and as it did I could feel the present and the overlaying Deja Vu as mutually exclusive occurances, as if two separate memories of the same thing happening in the same space. My heart pounded uncontrollably as if frantically attempting to make up ground after my missing a beat....

It was like..
Looking down, and looking up were happening at the same time... And that's when it was like the Deja Vu told me there was a grammatical error in what I typed to Jon, and I could see it vividly, though at that moment I wasn't even looking at the screen. When I looked up, I saw the exact mistake and the Deja Vu ended.

This was by far the longest and most terrifying Deja Vu I've yet to have.

Global warming strikes back!

Something out of this world happened yesterday night.

I was sitting on my bed about to go to sleep, talking with Jeff, when all of a sudded, one of the 1L juice containers, as if a volcano, exploded and started spewing juice from the spout. The juice container was probably less than a third full, but somehow the juice expanded and build up pressure until the lid popped open and juice shot out.

But really, what the hell?

First of all, does juice expand? wtf.

Second, even if it does expand, how did it about a cup's worth of juice come out? Equally weird to the amount that came out, when Jeff picked the cantainer up, it was still full to the brim...

It didn't have a bad smell to it, just smelled like juice.

Jeff and I have both come to the conclusion that something supernatural occured here. We considered the 1L container of Sun-Rype fruit juice to be demonic, too dangerous to be kept within the appartment, and cast over the belcony.
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It's not early and I don't work today, good thing I'm sleeping.

After work today Ric packed his T.V. and XBox to my place and him, Jon and I all played a few vicious rounds of Halo. 'Twas pretty good but Jon and I are way off our game...

We popped in Halo 1 after while, and it brought back some memories from back in Grade 10 and 11, when we used to LAN Halo all the time. There'd be 8-16 of us consistently and it was good fun... Some of the best times of my life. I kinda miss those days...

There's just no fun like that anymore. It simply doesn't exist... D&D was fun, but we never play anymore. And I was JUDGE MATHIS!! The black monk with the raw power of justice behind his fists, and a gavel of judgment  'round his neck.

My parents randomly showed up today, brought me a crock pot, a blender and a flat of water. Richele crashed her car into the Rambo bridge and they needed to go to the city to some body shop I guess, and stopped by on their way home. I always figured she'd get in a car accident sooner or later. Glad she's okay though.

For the next week or two, I'm gonna be staying at Jon's house a lot. His mom is gone to Europeland and Jon and I need to get cracking on our sitcom, so most weekdays I'm just going to stay at his place I think.
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What losing a mother accounts to:

American troops opened fire on a Taxi in Iraq the other day. The shots took the life of an Iraqi woman who was in the car with her children. The children were injured in the incident, but survived. To compensate for her death les Etates-Unis awarded the ophaned remnants of her family $7500. That's the worth of a human life, a measily seven and a half grand.
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Anna Nicole! Her baby! WHO'S THE FATHER?!?


The Canucks made PLAYOFFS! WOOOO!!


Brittany Spears! On drugs?! Should her kids get taken away!??

American Idol is on.
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BlitZ winZ

I work tomorrow, and I'm kinda looking forward to it. It's been 10 days. I went back friday to pick up my check, and when I was inside I actually felt like I missed the place, mainly a few of my friends and underlings. For how much I complain about the job, I'm suprised I miss it.

And NEVER use a BlitZ router. This POS makes me want to explode. I was writing in forums and talking on msn, when all of a sudden it drops me AGAIN and I have to do it all over. I've rewrote things so many times.... Msn is retarded. 2 minutes after I type something it'll be all MSG  DLVRY PHAIL and you have to rewrite it all, but that's not bad enough, it'll give you the phail message right as you hit enter after retyping it all, so you have to spam whatever it is you're typing until it finally goes through. Then when it does, the connection drops all the way 10 minutes later and Jeff or myself will have to go and reset the router. Phat

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Jeff and I went to the corner store not to long ago, and on the way back we somehow brought up the Lion King, which lead to me rementioning James Earl Jones voicing Mufasa. Then we talked about Mufasa's death at the hands of Scar, and Jeff was like "Scar's a Sith Cole!" After a laugh there was a silence until I muttered, "Then that makes Mufasa a Jedi?"

This is where the fun began. I posed the question "So Mufasa... a Jedi, which Jedi does he most resemble?" After a small discussion we settle on Qui-Gon Jinn for Mufasa.

We also discussed other characters from the Lion King, giving each a Star Wars character.

Anyhow, for I've been searching tattoos now for the past little bit. Found some cool stuff. Heh.