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le 10 octobre 1981

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I believe, perhaps, I need a drink. Several, even.

28 March 1980

Perhaps I should write a letter to Witch Weekly saying that if they are going to include my wife in that repugnant little list of theirs, they should at least find other women who pose some sort of competition. Or else, retitle it to Most Beautiful Woman... and ten other hags we felt obligated to put here because they pay us to.

le 29e août 1979

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The Apothecary. It is starting to tire me. I am thinking, perhaps, of hiring on a manager so that I do not have to be there at all any longer. Else leaving it in Severus' care for a month while Bella and I go to Paris and then hiring on a manager so that I do not have to be there at all any longer.

I need a break from the tediousness that is this country. As always, 'Bastan: Lille, Mireille and yourself are invited.

Also, I must wish good luck to the Mulcibers in their endeavours to push through the Ministry bills to prevent the procreation of anyone less than pureblood. It is certainly worthwhile.

Now, if you only put one through preventing Narcissa Malfoy from doing so, she would have an excuse.

le 12e août 1979

I am convinced, now, that there may be hope for the rest of you. Because, you see, Muggles are worthless and they shit on the ones that cling to them like children to a disgusting old teddy bear that should have been Incinerated ages ago.

And Everild Pinkstone agrees.

le 12 avril 1979

And yet, no news on the vicious Muggles roaming the streets of England, one of whom made an attempt on my life with one of their loud and barbaric excuses for a weapon.

It is always refreshing to see that things have not changed. The Aurors should have hardly made any sort of news at all past an obituary; do the journalists not realise that this is their job, that their lives are constantly threatened and they should not be revered because of it? And, if this is so, the next time I cut my finger slicing boomslang skins, then I expect reporters. That is the hazard of my job, after all.

le 4e novembre 1978

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As a warning to you all, St. Mungo's can do nothing for you.

le 19 août 1978

My ears are still buzzing from Friday evening. All of the talking and the dancing and drinking... (Though I suppose I should not be complaining about the drinking.) it is very much a sensory overload for someone so used to being kept in the dark among fumes and elixirs. But, as much as I am loathe to admit it, perhaps the ball was not so terrible after all. A breath of fresh air, maybe.

If the young man who kept eyeing my wife all evening was not present, nor Lucius, who kept giving me looks as though he wanted to murder me for whatever reason, it could have even borderlined on fun, though not nearly as exciting as 'Bastan's wedding.

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Speaking of, mon frère, I do hope you did not have to clip your honeymoon short for such an occasion.

le 17 juillet 1978

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It is too quiet in here.

I need entertainment more than a bubbling cauldron. And books. And walks in the garden. And the apothecary. And-

Perhaps Lucius is still awake. And even if not, I do not see harm in waking him.

le 30 juin 1978


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