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hey alright

this song is called MAY 9TH 2003
I wrote it on may 9th... lol

On the train to school
how did trucker hats get so big?
I sit + wonder
Walking outside + it's cold
May has been so chilly this year
I'm having the best spring ever
Shows + the theater + prom prom prom

But I just don't want to go!
I don't mean to sound shallow
It's just that my date has
a huge ass unibrow
It's a vicous behemoth
It's taking over his face!
He just doesn't look like
A member of the human race

A I pass Lexington
I think of that Friday we spent together
It started to rain
Such lousy weather!
We rode the Ferris Wheel
Some girls with their boyfriends squealed
You insisted on holding my hand
Your car is a silver Mustang


I tried to give you a chance
Mich says you must teach me to dance
Relationships aren't my thing
I don't like overt romance
I hate talking on the phone
Texting works just fine
Stop, just stop trying


But it's just one night
I'll smile and have a good time
Everything will be alright
We'll dance the dance
Even the Funky Chicken
Then we'll go to Caroline's
Hear the Carrot Top piss + whine
Yeah, this is sure a good time


And next week
Is my Junior Ring Dance
You're supposed to be my date
But I gotta ask Joey
Before I'm stuck with you
It'll be too late
Yeah, this is the best spring of my life
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