Winter of 2015

I'm on my staycation right now. I save my 5 vacation days out of the year and combine them with Christmas and New Years to have an extra long break. I was feeling burnt out for months and months, but now I'm feeling somewhat relaxed. Being able to stay up late and sleep in. It's nice!

I had a good Christmas with Matt and his family. We saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens Christmas Eve. We had Christmas dinner with his family and neighbors and the following day we went out for his first professional massage. (Part of his xmas gift from me). I saw my mom and my brother, sil, and their 4 kids. Pretty soon I'm hoping to see my dad.

We've been dining out a lot. Yesterday we went to Mimi's Cafe and got some corn chowder, bread, salad, as well as fish n' chips. Also we got a plate of cheesy bread with sliced green apple, melty brie cheese, and apricot marmalade. So much food! One good thing is that I've been keeping up with exercise. I want to lose 40-45lbs, but that's really wishful thinking. My weight just plateaus at 156lbs.

Also, I've been trying to read Wicked. I read like a chapter at a time. Too slow. Most of my time is going towards going out and running errands and playing video games.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We are also finishing up Jessica Jones, American Horror Story: Hotel, and One Punch Man. We finished watching the third season of Hemlock Grove. I think it was the final. Though they left it open for interpretation, kind of.
For horror, I watched Pontypool last night and Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension recently. I really enjoyed the PA movie and how it ties in with the other movies in someway. Pontypool was so slow...I don't think anything started happening til 50 minutes into the movie and the only thing I can say is that it's got a unique conception on how a virus spreads.

Update Time!

Small update!

Movies me and Matt have seen recently:

Inside Out

A lot of people got emotional from this movie, but I couldn't feel anything. I think I was so distracted by being ill, it made it difficult to enjoy the movie. Notable characters I somewhat liked: Sadness and Bing Bong


Another Cute animated movie. I LOVE the minions, but I feel like Minions should remain the side kick comedic relief and not the main focus of a story. But you know we'll be seeing sequels in our future. Whatever~!

Matt and I have been watching a lot of Hunter x Hunter. We are on season 4 now I believe! It's an adventure type anime from 2011. Most major and minor characters are gifted with a unique ability. Last Fanime, my friend Dave cosplayed a character from hxh. He had long white hair and a huge pipe. We haven't run into the character in the show yet. I assume he'll show up soon.
Dave said the anime is okay but I think me and Matt are pretty entertained by it. Much more so than when we powered through Psycho Pass and Aldnoah Zero. ~_~

Not much anything new going on. I've just been working full time and taking the summer off from school. I withdrew from my Algebra 2 class last semester. I'll have to take it again in the Fall.

Other updates -- I still play League of Legends on my free time. I'm still trying to pay down credit card debt. And I'm currently on a no wheat, dairy, or sugar diet.
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Parasyte -the maxim-

This anime is totally my type of genre -- horror/sci-fi. We're watching it on cruchyroll. Totally adoring Migi and Joe the symbiotic parasites. I'm also reading the manga on my phone. It's almost the same in comparison.


"Are you Horny?"

That's a quote played in the beginning and the end of the movie. This was a weird ass movie and I liked it! I started watching it around 12:30am last night streaming on Netflix and was pretty intrigued by it. I watched the whole thing on my phone. Even after the movie my mind was pretty busy, so it took me forever to fall asleep... Not a good idea before a long ass day of work and night class.

Anyway,...yep. Good movie. It was like a long episode of The Twilight Zone. A very horrible awkward nightmare for this guy. Got teary eyed at the scene when the main character found a thingy his gf left for him to find. Oh my... T_T


FMA Brotherhood

We finally watched all 5 seasons of FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Matt wanted to see it again and wanted me to see it. Each season has 13 episodes. It was a pretty cleverly written story, I enjoyed it all. Now I'm sitting back and enjoying the music from the series.

1st season opening theme:

The OST: (Lapis Philosophorum has been stuck in my head for days!)

Catching Up With Summer

Lots to sort of kind of talk about!

Watched Lucy with Maryann a week for my birthday. I actually ended up liking the movie, even though from watching the trailer, I thought it'd be disappointing.
It was edited in a different style continuity that I'm used to. Scenes of character thoughts or memories were sort of interlaced into the scenes. Overall, if you don't have high expectations, don't take the movie seriously, and like the actors. You may enjoy this one!

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Matt. We both liked it. It was really a silly, fun, sci-fi movie. My favorite character out of em all was Drax. If it wasn't for him really, I don't think I would've liked this movie at all. Well I guess there's also the scene with dancing Groot. That made me like the movie a bit more. Meh...I'd watch the sequel.

Matt and I also saw TMNT as well. It was just so-so. I do not feel compelled to ever see that movie again. I just wasn't crazy about this spin on the Turtles. But it looks like there's going to be a sequel in the distant future. Bleh...I'd probably see it matinee or downloaded. Netflix maybe.

We watched the finale of True Blood season 7 the other night. Big spoilers, so skip this section to avoid it!

So a lot of people are unhappy with the ending of the show. It took me a day to process it and I eventually bought it. Though I'm with a lot of people. The hints about Bill's body feeling warm, him saying he feels more human than he has felt in ages, plus Sookie being able to read his thoughts... Well, it would've been great if Sookie used the last of her fae powers on Bill to rid herself of her fairy powers and somehow because of Bill's condition with hepV with fairy blood, cure him of his vampirism. That way they can live a normal life together happily ever after.
But fine...I'll go with the bittersweet ending. Where Bill is laid to rest with his wife and kids from the mid 1800s and Sookie finds another man a few years later and is already super preggers -- Having the life Bill wanted for her. Fine HBO writers...fine... fine.....!

Sookie helps Bill meet his true death:

Same clip, just a bit more leading up to Bill's death:


Just started watching Matt play Broken Age. So far I'm really liking it! They are 2 strange stories that run parallel to each other. We started with Vella's story.

Another game I started playing is The Forest. There's no ending to it until you die. I suppose it's because the game is in alpha. You play a nameless survivor of a plane crash trying to survive by setting up camp. Meanwhile, there are hostile aggressive mutant cannibals that kill you if you don't evade them.