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Its Hard To Swallow With Your Hands Around My Throat [entries|friends|calendar]

Tragedy + In && The ;; Making
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001. Friends Only [<font color="Black]
[ mood | calm ]

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This my journal and I dont feel like all you cunts reading my thoughts so yeah Im friends only.
Got a problem with it well then thats to fucking bad.
If you want to be added heres the rules:
1)Add Me First
2)Comment Here To Be Added Back
3)If Your A Poser Dont Fucking Think About Requesting To Be Added
4)If You Are A Total Cumdumpster Dont Ask To Be Either
5)Must Attend roxfordhigh To See The Entries
Now that we have that shit straight...Im out.

Aim Contact Info: Riles Its Urgent
Email Contact Info: chokealready@gmail.com

<a Address A Letter To My Generation

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