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revolutionize_'s Journal

Something I just found out.
28 September
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I adopted a cute lil' giraffe fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Jimmy Eat World is love

People that play Guitars are Love

My mini biography goes like this: You may think I'm quiet, and shy, and I don't get wicked insanely hyper, and that I've never stood on top of a wall in Rhode Island screaming about being a fascist dictator while doing a nazi salute 20 feet from a WWII memorial and a veteran, completely oblivious to my utter stupidity, but if you do, you are probably stupid.

Which is good because so am I.

Actually that's a lie.

So the point is: Get to know me. I'm not who I say I am...because that would make life too easy now wouldn't it?
africa, analyzing how people breath, angler fish, beards, being an idiot, books, bowling, british people, candles, cartoons, charles dickens, chex mix, chickens, church, cities, clouds, colors, comets, computers, cookies, cows, crayons, dancing, dancing in the rain, deep-sea trenches, doors, dr. pepper, earrings, edgar allen poe, egypt, eyeliner, eyes, fake camping, farms, firemen, fish, flowers, food, fringy things, furry things, fuschia, galaxies, gary coleman, god, grandparents, green tea, guitar, hair, hair dye, hands, hats, heartbeats, hippies, hobos, iceland, identity crisis, international politics, internet, jeeps, jimmy eat world, jonny bravo, kaleidoscopes, kids, llamas, love, lu, lumberjacks, mandolins, measuring tape, mike and ikes, mimes, minds, mirrors, money, monkeys, monty python, movies, mummies, music, musicians, napolean dynamite, nauru, nintendo, oceans, old cars, old movies, paranoia, peanut butter, people, pesticide, pigs, placemats, planes, poetry, potpurri, pretending to be deep, psychology, purple, pyramids, rainbows, road trips, roses, russians, sapphires, schizophrenia, shoes, silver, singing, skittles, skyscrapers, smiles, socks, space travel, spoons, stars, stationary, sticky things, street performers, stuff i don't understand, submarines, super mario 3, surrogate mothers, sweaters, switchfoot, swords, talentlessness, tattoos, tetris, the 80's, the blue lagoon, the grateful dead, the hamburger helper glove, the italian mafia, the lochness monster, the matrix, the middle ages, the moon, the simpsons, the twilight zone, thinking, thunderstorms, tongues, turtles, vanilla ice, walking, wax museums, xylophones, yetis, your mom, zebras