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So... well to start off I'm going to say I'm really glad I went to Ginny's party. I mean REALLY glad. You'll understand momentarily.

I get there, Ginny's flat is awesome. Food is great and drinks and everything. When I arrived, I met up with Izabel and we talked, she has become my savior for getting out of having to accept tea and cake by inviting me to tea afterwards tomorrow.

After that, I walked around and stuff... and then... I ran into Viktor Krum. Literally ran into him, but it was the right thing to do I guess. He got me a drink, we talked and after a while he asked if he could be my escort to the Valentine's Ball. I said yes, I'm not that much of a prude. Although... now I have to find a dress...

Anyway, not only did he invite me to the ball... he walked. Me. Home.

Yes, I go to a flat warming party to try and be less socially handicapped I get invited to tea, drench a man with my drink, get invited to a Ball, Viktor Krum walks me home, and tomorrow I'm having tea with him.

...That settles it. I'm accepting every bloody invite I get from now on.
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I've gotten an invitation from Ginny Weasley for a Flat Warming party. Last time I saw her, I was pulling out her stitches... it's kind of a long story...

Anyway, I figure I'll just stop in and say hi to a few people. I should start getting out more, but to be truthfully honest, dear journal (if we can keep it between the two of us) I'd like to get out more with just friends. Although, who knows, last time I decided to go to The Three Broomsticks after work for a drink I was entertained by a father's story about his son's Little Willie, the best part was that the son was standing right there through the whole thing. Maybe this party will be fun and I shouldn't be such a prude.

The next day, the 5th, I'm hoping to go and talk to Hagrid about becoming his apprentice-type person. With the animals he has, it'll probably be a dangerous task, but that was always something I loved about his class.