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a rose within thorns [entries|friends|calendar]
Ginny Weasley

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[20 Feb 2004|07:21pm]
[ mood | restless ]

It has been a week of quiet, everyone captured in their own lives. Generally the atmosphere of the serpent’s hole had gotten to a burst of joy that we were all included within. Now everyone has broken off into their separate lives, usually alone. Neville seems rather busy doing—something. No doubt having to do something with the new robes he has made and his fire. Blaise and Hermione are happily tucked away in their little corner, Pansy and Harry, I do not even know. Malfoy and Luna have not improved. It has begun to get rather lonely.

Private:// Something is wrong. I don’t know what but something doesn’t feel right. Perhaps the quiet, but something is…out of place? Whatever it is it is making me rather jumpy, I don’t want to alarm anyone over such a silly thing…after all I am not Luna. It is unlikely something is actually wrong, get a grip of yourself Ginny.//

It seems the only room not decorated here is my own room, the place is definitely looking better. I still haven’t gotten around to trying that tub yet, I think I will. What have I been doing this past week? It has all been a big blur taking care of Luna and Malfoy and getting some much needed sleep.

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[10 Feb 2004|05:24pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I spent the better part of the night (and today) watching Malfoy, first rule in messed up potions, watch for signs of poisoning. Apart from looking a bit pale, (it is Malfoy after all) and a few bumps and scrapes he must have gotten when he fell which I healed all that up, he seemed to be fine. I think Blaise is right, all we can do for now is wait it out. Let him wake up on his own. I’ve looked through the ingredients he was using, none of them seemed potentially dangerous the way they were mixed but I’d still like to keep an eye on him, it seems whenever we let our guard down around here things turn out ten times worse.

I managed to get about an hour or two of sleep, but between the wondering, worrying and whiskey I was quite awake all night. I’m just glad I had barley nothing to eat or with the hangover I have now I would have spilled out my guts.

PrivateCollapse )

There have been no signs of Blaise or OpheliaDonna Private://I should really find out who knows what around here.// yet. I do hope their alright. The dungeons have been disturbingly quiet, everyone seems to be keeping to themselves and with no one around there is nothing to listen to but my own thoughts or jump at every little creek. Malfoy doesn’t show signs of waking up anytime soon, I will try to find some books and see if there’s any possible way of quickening this sleep, for now all we can do is watch and make sure the man doesn’t turn green.

within thorns

All mine... [08 Feb 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I have clothes! Clothes and shoes and a wand, and their all mine! I don’t mean to sound greedy, but growing up with six brothers you didn’t exactly get to have anything new, or anything that actually fit for that matter. I never got to have anything of my own really. Percy’s old cloak, relatives old wand, old uniforms. Oh, but now I have things that fit, especially for me. Let’s just say I’m very happy.

The shopping itself was great as well, what lovely places we went to. Too bad I felt sick and had to go back. Private:// Actually it’s a good thing, I think that that was the only thing that got Blaise to send me back, even if he did come back with me.//

PrivateCollapse )

Hopefully I will be feeling better soon, get up and about. I hope Blaise got the food after we came back, I feel terrible for making him make so many trips.

Apart from all that I look forwards to a nice long shower (I noticed the pipes were fixed), a warm cup of tea and trying on my nice new clothes.

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[07 Feb 2004|01:06am]
[ mood | sick ]

Private://I haven’t been downstairs today, with the way I’ve been feeling, no one needs more of a mess to clean up around here. It’s so strange that after such a good night I become so ill again. There’s only so much I can take, I can try to control what goes on in my head, but my body is a different story. I am feeling a bit better now, perhaps a shower (the pluming seems to be working again) and some tea would do me well.//

within thorns

[04 Feb 2004|10:38pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

It has been a long few days with nothing much to do but watch the water rise. Malfoy and Blaise say their sane but I question that as I watch the water rise in the halls. Otherwise I have been exploring the place. I’ve always been a curious one, what can I say? I think the compass is broken. It will sometimes suddenly begin to spin on its own, sometimes pointing in directions that simply do not make any sense. I think I’ve given up on it.

Private:// I’m much looking forwards to getting out of this place as soon as possible. New clothes and perhaps a new wand? That would be delightful. I would sure feel a lot less useless. I don’t know why Harry is making such a huge deal over this Blaise character. Even though he is a Slytherin he seems…well definitely not like the stereotypical Slytherin-- Although I might be wrong. I can’t say I have the best judge of character now can I? still...//

Last night was surprisingly calm. I didn’t even know there was a wizards’ chess left around here. It was defiantly a welcomed change from the usual nights alone left with the thoughts in my head. And that wolf…Donna del Lupo, was it? She seems delightful. There’s something about her. And as much as I hate to admit it, it seems the only people trying to do anything about protecting the Serpents Hole are the Slytherins (not that flooding the place will help it one bit). It’s almost as if I’ve suddenly began to realize everything that’s going on around here. I’ve been trapped in my own head for too long.

I wonder where Harry’s been recently, I wonder where my family is, I wonder where the war has reached, and lately I wonder quite a bit.

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[28 Jan 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

All day I looked about the serpents hole for decent clothes I could wear, this dress is getting awfully out of shape. Apart from the old Slytherin cloaks, which I do not intend on wearing there is absolutely nothing. I wonder if I can somehow manage to go to a wizard or muggle clothing store. I do doubt the floo powder network is connected any longer, perhaps a port key, but where will I get one of those? There’s always flying. I haven’t flown in a while but that would be wonderful, feeling the cool air on my face, the wind in my hair, that is unless it doesn’t make me terribly sick. Is it even safe to go out any longer? I don’t even know if there are battles close to the Serpents hole. I’ll find a way though, and I can finally give Malfoy back his cloak. I’m afraid he’s going to strangle me if he doesn’t get it back soon, though I have to admit, I never thought I’d see a Malfoy wear muggle clothes. But I will give it back to him considering, and I quote, I do not want him to remove my pancreas, double-glaze it, and simmer it over a muggle stove at a low heat for a half hour before feeding it back to me. Really, could you get anymore descriptively gruesome? I suppose you can.

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[25 Jan 2004|03:53am]
[ mood | restless ]

So I awoke this morning with my head in the right place after last night, I honestly never thought I would see the Weasley temper rise up in me again –not that I’m necessarily happy about that. I cleaned most that was left behind as best I could, everything without a lock anyways. Most of the clutter is gone though and the dust.

Harry:// I’m terribly sorry for running out on you yesterday. It’s just, well, you know how hard it is to go back. I’m sure you’ll understand Harry, and how the others are making it sound, it sounds as if you are simply interviewing everyone for information on the Dark Lord. I know it’s not that, it’s just…what about I tell you all this another time face to face? These journals are terribly impersonal//

On a thought I think I will get out of here for a while. I finally found the trap door on the ceiling, I’m not sure how I will reach it but I’m in need to step outside, even if it simply be for a minute or two, and in the freezing snow. I’m sure Malfoy will be happy about that, it’s not your entire room back but it is one less Weasley to deal with for a couple of minutes. I’m eager to see the rest of Hogwarts, not that I imagine there’s much left. But perhaps the Quidditch field and the lake, or that might be too far down on the grounds. I just need a breath of fresh air, just to make sure there still is a world beyond this.

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[24 Jan 2004|01:23pm]
[ mood | listless ]

I awoke this morning in the common room from a dreadful nightmare, early Im sure and had to race to the loo, throwing up just about everything I had been able to get down the night before. Now I’m alright, a little shaky mind you. It is funny, people say some people’s only escape occurs during their dreams, when in mine I desire to be awake, when I am awake I desire to sleep. But I am sure I am not the only one with such nightmares.

Private://Last night went to far and I much desire never to repeat such a thing again, with anyone. I am almost certain I will be paranoid around him now, that is if I do see him, he seemed quite eager to get away yesterday, I am sure he has his own dreadful stories to tell//

I am somewhat happy I ventured out of my room, I smile knowing so many of my friends are ok alive. But I wonder about my family, as I remember I had a rather large one, and I haven’t seen or heard of any of them. I think I will make that my next project to find them.

within thorns

[23 Jan 2004|04:57pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I finally ventured out of my room today, not far mind you, I didn’t talk to anyone, neither did anyone talk to me, some people stared at me, but my goals were simply in reaching a washroom. I found it easily; this was a lot like my old dorm room back in the Hogwarts days. I found a mirror for the first time in ages; I gazed on my reflection and was disturbed by it. I did not recognize myself, I was thinner, and my hair dark I was surprised to see eyeliner streaks on my eyes, had I been wearing makeup? I had been wearing a green flimsy dress as well. I didn’t remember any of this. I washed up also and found it…a strange mark on my skin. I almost fainted.

After this I had gone back to my room and began to think only to be disturbed my small scratching noises upon my door. I walked over and peered through the small opened crack. There was no one there but when I looked down I saw a small, weak looking cat trying to squeeze itself into the room. It looked up at me with fool eyes and I bent over and scratched it behind its ear. She, I think it was a she was so fluffy and warm, and she was purring and leaning into my touch, for the first time in a while she brought a smile to my face and I wondered how a creature such as this had gotten to be here, and who on earth did she belong to?

“Shadow!” a voice came from somewhere near and the little cat ran out of my hold and to the girl standing a few paces away. She looked at me oddly, I couldn’t recognize her. Suddenly it came to me, her voice, her face…

“Luna?” but it was too late, she had already gone and the cat along with her. So the names I had heard were correct, my old school mates where here, but why? Where on earth am I?

4 roses| within thorns

Beyond these doors [22 Jan 2004|12:34am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Private://It’s been a week I just realized today, a week since I have been here in the serpent hole, or at least that’s what I’ve heard them saying, the people who linger outside these doors that confide me to this dingy room. I don’t remember much of when I got here. I do remember however the oddly familiar face and I wondered why she was taking me away from my home. I have began to remember the events; There had been people, shooting spells out of their wands, killing, like there was no tomorrow. I sat a top the stairs watching in a glaze when the white light had stuck my chest and I flung backwards. I immediately called out to him; I had developed some sort of twisted dependency on my Lord, but he was nowhere to be found, he had abandoned me, but I refused to believe that so I had raced back to his room and hid there. All I remember then was the pain, burning in my chest. The struggle as the woman tried to pull me away from the bed; I honestly don’t know how she got me here after that. I awoke in this room and I refused to come out.

At first when I had heard the name serpent hole I thought I was in a Death Eater safe house, I felt awkwardly scared but relieved. But it’s become obvious to me that this is no Death Eater safe house. As my sanity came back to me slowly, although I do not think it will truly ever be able to return to me I began to hear familiar names, names that I had not heard in years. The voices too, seemed familiar. The words Hogwarts, Slytherin, Order of the Phoenix as well as names of wizards like Luna, Draco and…Harry Potter seemed all too familiar.

The past week has passed mostly from day to day in sleep and nightmares; I can still hear him constantly. And I want to believe that he wanted to save me and end my pain, but my thoughts have now lingered to those of the serpent hole and with each day I grow more eager to step beyond these doors. Yet some things I hear confuse me, I do not know exactly where I lie and if it is true that Draco Malfoy is here then why isn’t this a possible Death Eater hideout, for earlier memories, from the times before the war have come back to me. And I wonder about my family, I haven’t thought about them in years, barley aware of their existence but now I wonder if Ron lies just on the other side of this door. And my mother and father? And all my other brothers? Do they even know I'm here? It is possible that I may soon come out of this room but I’m afraid, afraid of the questions they might ask, of what I will have to remember.

within thorns

OOC [20 Jan 2004|10:42pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Ginny Weasley's character infoCollapse )

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