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heyyy [31 Jul 2004|11:13pm]
i never update this

but yeah, its summer, and stuff
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quote log [05 May 2004|10:32pm]
since i am too lazy to post on my website, here are some soon to be additions to the quote log.

esther- +i dont hug people, i just grope them occasionaly.
+russ shops at the banana republican.
+im not asian! i just scotch tape my eyes back.

ms. garrat- who was the first leader of the jews?
ariel- jesus!

ms garratt- what did the indians do with the land the government gave them?
miranda- built casinos!

(while swimming)
sasha- and we all drink...coke...and sprite. but sprite is clear and coke is brown.
landry- like david!
(david swims away sadly. hee.)

okay thats it so far. and if you have anything else, be sure to comment and post it. kieanna june, i will fix your livejournal VERY soon.
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i need you so much closer [14 Apr 2004|10:20pm]
i cant ever seem to go to bed early. there are so many more interesting things to do at night, like read old strips of penny arcade and try and figure out what the hell they are talking about.

My loud neighbors moved, I think. I will miss Tito. You know, I never heard him speak, just some lady yelling "GODDAMMMNNN IT, TITO!". Maybe Tito was just a bad dog. Anyway, I have decided for no reason my new neighbors are German. All I know is that they have very small screamy children.

saw queen latifah tonight at juan juan on wilshire w/ landry. went to subway, played with the pricing gun at rite aid, made some shampoo cost 249 dollars. heh.
i own the quadratic equation and its momma.

sammo is my oprah.
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you're an angel, you little devil. [13 Apr 2004|05:44pm]

...sadistic midget. word to landry, kieanna,  bianca, mir, rocky, vahag, and everyone else who made me feel better today.

I brought my math grade up a whole letter. yes to the max. I have to write a story for English and I cant think of a plot, just random snippets of dialogue. Maybe ill just turn in the last two chapters of Fight Club and see how fast I can get sent to the guidance counselor.

I found an autographed picture of Mark Hamil sitting in the Millineum Falcon while i was cleaning my room yesterday, and now its on my wall. power converters!!!Collapse )

I am sitting and eating a bucket of chocolate ice cream with a spoon that has my name on it you know you want itCollapse )therefore, i am happy.

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nothing nice [10 Apr 2004|09:57am]

Everyone go to NN2S, praise Mitch! He's back.

In other news, Im back from New York, having seen 2 really good shows- Little Shop Of Horros (Hunter Foster is a sex god), and RENT (Seventh time, baby). I have pictures that SOMEDAY I will post. I also toured NYU and bought a T-shirt with a drum set on it.

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I hope the next boy that you kiss has something terribly contagious on his lips. [03 Apr 2004|11:46pm]

Lets see, today I went to Century and then went home, made a really ugly layout for this journal that I'll fix later.

So, guess who I saw- guess- no, you'll never ever guess.


advil. lavigneh.

Yes- On the way to Century, Landry and Emily and I saw her in this black little convertible with the top down. She had big old sunglasses on but it was her. How useless.

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Buck Fush [28 Mar 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | tan ]

Today me and Landry realized, hey, we live in California. And so we went to the beach. Unfortunatley we forgot about THE TOURISTS. Ack, they were everywhere like CATTLE.
Gross. But, noone was in the water because frankly it was freezing. Undaunted, we still swam a little, then we got hot dog on a stick and then bodysurfed until the waves got too big and we started pearling (flipping when you get stuck in a wave.)
Then we went to WeHo and bought a bunch of duct tape because I heard some 17 year old kid spray painted some Vans and sold them at Fred Segal and I told them about my purses and they said that I should come by and show them. So I need to make some good ones.
Memorable Quote-
"Oh god I hope they dont shit on me"
"Who the seagulls or the tourists?"

Oh man, we are such elitist bitches when it comes to tourists. But they litter. So we're even.

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Survey time, survey t ime [23 Mar 2004|09:54pm]
comment and fill this out about me.
01. where/how did we meet?
02. did you like me right away?
03. take a stab at my middle name.
04. where do i live?
05. how long have you known me?
06. my age.
07. what's my birth date?
08. have you ever had a crush on me?
09. do you remember the first things i said to you?
10. what is the best feature about me?
11. what is the worst feature about me?
12. am i shy or outgoing?
13. would you say i'm funny?
14. how often do you think of me?
15. if there were one good nickname for me, what would it be?
16. have you ever told me that you love me?
17. are we good friends?
18. do you wish we were closer?
19. what would you change about me?
20. do you think you'll know me in 5 years?
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my love is like a storybook story [21 Mar 2004|04:55pm]

I have no idea when the AmHi is due. I wish I lived in another country that didnt have to write pointless essays about the causes of the Civil War. The Missouri compromise=death by boring.

pho-ta-gra-feeCollapse )


Read the entry below this one, its too awesome to ingore.

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I want my porterhouse, bitch! [20 Mar 2004|11:15pm]

So , maybe you have noticed the lack of updates to my livejournal. Well, I was just waiting for something awesome to happen...and it did! The place? Campbell Hall. The time? of my life.

First of all, whenever I get to see Siena fun times are a shoe in. But this time was just AWESOME.

The night did not start out the best- I got there late and didnt get change when I bought my ticket- but as soon as I got inside it was the awesome. THE AWESOME. The first band was Sparkle Motion, who had such wonderful melodies as "Ihor the German Unicorn" and "I want my porterhouse, bitch!" Ha! They threw muchos sparkles into the crowd. And into our hair, and eyes, and mouths...the next band was called, err...like, Cactus something- they were ok, and their lead singer was the sex. We sat down. Then there was another hot lead singer band, and we sat down in the back, and then in the parking lot...yeah, and wherever we did Rachel would lay down flat on her back. Hah, I love it. 

Then Stephanie, Rachel, and I decided to ditch the 4th band and go to Starbucks. We werent afraid though, (if anyone died, Stephanie had a cell phone). When we got there, we got some drinks under the inconspicuous aliases of Pochahontas and Cinderella. (spelled Pokmahatnos or whatever). Then we jaywalked (jay-ran screaming) across the street and then Stephanie had a sticker that said "bush" and we stuck it on a stop sign so it said "Stop Bush" (how cool are we? seriously?) Then we ran by this creepy little shed-type thing and it was like someone was going to jump out and as we did, Stephanie  screams and we all start screaming and we runnnnn screaming again back to the gym thing where teh bands were in time to see the next-to-last act, the oh so professional banner weilding Get Go. We started yelling at the drummer but his girlfriend was standing right next to us! Ack!  I also must mention sliding down the wet slide and the monkey bars and "You're cool, Emmet". Rachel's hair is blue. Siena, you cannot headbang with glasses! And Michael is very nice.

That was my night.

My day wasnt bad either. I woke up to a house filled with Kieanna and Landry. We got ready and my hair got made curly and we went sailing, sailing, over the bounty sea.  There were sea lions and skittles and endless games of F MARRY KILL.

Hanging out with Sasha and David last night was cool- and we didnt burn Sasha's head but we did make him look like Johnny Depp.

80s night!!! So so so so so so so awesome. So. Girls just want to have fun, Heathers, Fast times. Duct tape! I am an agressive sleeper. Mirnanda and Krak.

That was a backwards version of my weekend. I love everyone.

++Pictures coming sooooon.

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greetings and salutaitions [13 Mar 2004|09:46am]

I just woke up and I'm tired. Ugh. But someone woke me up because Empire was on TV and indeed it is. Man, I want Han Solo to be my scoundrel. Okay. Here are some things I want/ have to do this weekend.

  • I want to do something with Landry and Emily
  • I want to do 80s things with Mirnanda.
  • I need to get started on my AmHi essay and my YiG essay. And my Spanish project.
  • I want to videotape something

"You're just afraid I was going to leave you without a goodbye kiss
"I'd just as soon kiss a wookie"
I can arrange that."

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I love you but youre standing on my feet. [12 Mar 2004|11:45pm]

Obviously, this is my livejournal. And might I add, how cool is this layout?  (thanks)

Right now I'm listning to nothing but music from the 80s and I love it...and yes I know liking the 80s makes me a MTV trendwhore but come on. You download Manic Monday and TRY not to sing along. Yeah, I didn't think so, trendwhore.

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