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razor_'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

Name: Josh
Location: Rhode Island
Age: 14
Zodiac: Aries
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown, now died black
Height: 5'7ish
Sexuality: Straight
Siblings: Jake, 12 and Jess, 11

add names when im all finished.



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this layout is best veiwed in i.e. 6 or higher. the best screen resolution would be 1024 x 768.
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[ Tuesday
May 10, 2005]
contradictionnn...add it up.

[ Friday
April 22, 2005]
new eljay name.
not giving it out, cause im only adding the people i want to add.
gotta problem with that!?

[ Saturday
March 26, 2005]
fuck it. im all done with eljay.

Sister Communities. [ Saturday
February 26, 2005]
if you would like your community to become sister communities to ___amazing, leave a comment here with the name of the community and information.

[ Thursday
January 27, 2005]
id love it if i could have 1000 comments in this entry. do not ask me why, im bored, and i dont know what to write about. you can be as random as you want, and spam is allowed.

thank you.

[ Monday
November 01, 2004]

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