A light prune...

Just cutting some old unused accounts from my flist.

if you can see this, and not the next post, and you want to be back on, leave a comment. Thanks. 
sca, o rly

Of Festival...

Home again.

Still pondering some things, in my brain. Had to get at least some out.

I'm really glad we made the effort to go, if only for 24 hours. I'm glad we stayed the night, we'd have missed some of the magic, the camaraderie that makes it special.

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And another one.


This dress.

It's a 16 super curvy, but I'm too *short* for it, so the shoulders are too long, and cant' be taken up/in. I bought the 16 really curvy, and it's lovely.

So. My best guess is a size 16, with at least a E/F cup, and I'd say at least 5'5". Otherwise you'll have the same problem that I do, and it'll hang.

(will fit a G cup easily, which is why I say at least a E/F cup - though I'm smaller across the back, which is also why it's too big).


it's *spectacular*.

$75 including postage, ono.

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Bra, NWT, sale.

Anyone else got huge knock hoote tit breasts? 14FF / 36FF.


Let me know if you want it, can do good price for youuuuuu. :)

It's gorgeous.

(Brand spanking new, doesn't fit me)

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