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4 May
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Name: Tseng. He may or may not have had a family name at some point, but it's one of the things best left buried in Wutai.
Age: 35
Blood Type: A-
Sign: Taurus
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark brown
Sexuality: ...None of your business.
Relationship Status: Too busy.

Likes: That first cup of coffee in the morning. Rainy days. The view from the roof. Bickering with Alex. Getting things done. Driving too fast. Added responsibility. Raiding the President's fridge. Abusing the text message function. The wind. Caramel syrup. Tactical manuvers. Elena.

Dislikes: Neglecting his training. When people get emotional near or around him. Waking up early. Sweet breakfast foods. When Reno pilots the helicopter. Getting seasick. Small enclosed spaces. People who think they know better. Stupidity. People who should know better. Preventable accidents. Sneezing.

Weaknesses: Coffee. Good jazz. The Turks, much to his dismay.

Fighting level: 75 77 78

Fighting style: Clever and resourceful, Tseng fights using techniques picked up in the Shinra training program, liberally sprinkled with rather more archaic habits from his homeland. He is generally more comfortable at a close range. Tseng is a proficient shot with the Turks' requisite handgun, but if he gets a sword in his hands, look out.

Weapon of Choice: Sarcasm, katana, handgun.

Personality type: ISTJ. ((I actually took the test, I am a nerd.))

Personality: A bit of a mystery to those who don't know him well, at first impression Tseng can seem almost robotic, bordering on cold. He keeps a very professional image up to his colleagues, though of late flaws have begun to appear in the iron mask. Unlikely to ever admit it, he has come to care very deeply for his fellow Turks, viewing them as something like a loud and motley banded-together family. Tseng prefers to keep his emotions close to the vest, viewing it as something of a failure if he has to express feeling outright. Despite his cool exterior, Tseng has no qualms about exacting swift and brutal revenge against those who would go against the Shinra Company's interests.

Relations: Tseng has always been far too busy to devote himself to having any kind of social life, minor trips to the bars with the other Turks nonwithstanding. However, taking into account the uncertainty of daily life, one failed affair with a certain redhead, and the middling danger of his job, Tseng has started to consider certain other philosophies, relationship-wise. There is also the matter of an outstanding dinner invitation...

As far as friendship goes, Tseng has for the most part let down his barriers where the Turks are concerned. Whether this is due to a personal choice, or them having worn him down to the point of exhaustion is not clear, though the latter is probably more likely. He is, contrary to his own views on the value of independance, fiercely protective of Rufus Shinra, who would do well to remember that he doesn't know everything. Since this is patently unlikely, however, Tseng seems happy to keep an eye on the President's dealings and general mood, stepping in only if a meltdown seems likely.

Tseng has no living family in the city, and whether he has any roots in left Wutai is unclear. He speaks of the former leader of the Turks, Veld, with a great amount of respect, however and privately thought of him as something of a role model and father figure up until his disappearance.

He owns one cat, Black Midnight, bought for him as a gift by Elena.
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