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This is for you.

I've been thinking about writing an essay regarding the current state of humanity--or at least our North American society. It's going to take some time, but the idea has been tumbling around my mind, collecting lint as it goes. In this essay we're going to talk about materialism, corruption, over-consumption, greed, lack of empathy, and anything else that I can think of.

I've been seeing it lately, all over the place in our current society and while I prefer to remain oblivious to it and wander along as just another consumer without a care, I can't. I listen to my music and ignore the people around me just to stay safe and secure in my own world, but the fear and the loathing is always there. I'm sure we all know it, but if that's really the case then why do we constantly ignore it?

Society is dirty and the people with enough power to actually do something...well, they won't.

It's all quite sad, really, and everyday I'm losing faith in the 'advanced' society.

But the question is, once I complete this essay, what am I going to do with it? Should I send it everywhere and see if I can stir up a few things or just let it sit in the bottom of my desk drawer?

This requires more thinking, and yes, maybe even some help.
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