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Maybe I'm a wuss. I think I'm a wuss.

MY EARS ITCH LIKE THE DICKENS and I've been squirming, writhing around trying not to scritch them. So far my fingernail's only invaded the area surrounding it...but...that's...not...good...enough. I don't care if itchyness is a sign of healing, I'm going to whine about it. I whine a lot, you see.

Jackyl, were your ears this itchy when they were healing? T_T Did you have the resistence not to scratch? Can I whimper and pout or No, because it's my own damn doing in the first place?

I feel giddy at the moment, probably due to being tired and caffeine afflicted. Not to forget the ears. Ohhh, you can never forget the ears now...can you...

NNYYYEERRRGG. MUST. SCRATCH. *Huff. Pant. Wheeze. Squirm.*

Also, my Edo's coming back. Along with Dante...

I'm in for some fun.

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