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I had nothing to lose in the first place, if you hadn't noticed.


In Other News

Today I started my Science 20 summer correspondence course, so I had to wake up at 6 am this morning and run around getting ready before disappearing out the door. After grabbing my books and sitting in class for an hour, listening to the teacher lecture the Biology 20 students, I found it far too distracting and just left. Went home.

When I got home I sat at the table and had a talk with my mother about my future goals and such things, like going to Japan. Well, she found this thingy on some newsletter about how you can learn how to teach English overseas, and she already talked to one of the people and they told her that Japan would be easy. Japan is always hiring English teachers, so I have a shot hopping on that train and leaving the country for six months. Fucking rights, that sounds like a good time.

Also, about my interest in Pyrotechnics, that's also in my reach because a branch of my family is already involved in that industry. My mom called my cousin today and found out a few things from him, and made arrangements for me to shadow him on a job....but when that will be is uncertain, because he doesn't have anything booked. But still. Holy shit, I have two pathways I can fall down and disappear into if I want to.

Regarding the boy, things are going pretty well. I didn't get a chance to talk to him at all yesterday because our shifts weren't as coordinated as the day before, but I think we're going to meet up again on Thursday to make plans for Friday. He asked me if I wanted to go out with him to the Union again on Friday, and I've been thinking about it even though I tripped over myself to make excuses not to (1. Wake up at six in the morning, 2. Need to save money for Anaheim, 3. Wake up at SIX IN THE MORNING) but...but...but...agh.

If he's still interested, I think I'll take him up on that. I can always have a nap after getting home from my course--or I could just not go since it's correspondence...And as for Anaheim, even though I still want to go, the Japan thing and the Pyrotechnics thing could possibly get in the way. I can't go to AX'07 if I'm in Japan, and I can't go if I'm living with my cousin in Calgary to study Pyrotechnics.

Either way, the future looks uncertain.

. . .

Everything at this moment looks uncertain.

P.S. Bryon, your girlfriend's causing problems.


10:10 PM

I had some amazing ribs~

I actually drew something at work~

I feel like shooting myself in the stomach~

...Or maybe shooting someone else in the stomach. Fuckers.

10:49 PM

Talking to Bryon and Rachel about various problems, trying to figure out how to bring the smack down on someone I don't even know. Texting Karey's phone through MSN...and getting emailed responses in return. XD; That's totally...dumb. I have a day off of work tomorrow, and I'm thinking about stopping in to pester Cody before running around the city.

I should give him a picture.

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