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Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

Hoo. From 5 AM this morning until 8 AM, I was wrapped in the clutches of a nightmare so moving that when I woke up I actually sought comfort from my father upstairs and cried in his arms. I wish I hadn't so I could remember it more clearly (the man is excellent in the ways of making a kid forget what was so horrible in the first place) to report on it.

I'll state what I can remember.

I remember the view from Jackyl's back yard, walking out of her wire fence and looking up at the night sky, noting how clear and pretty it looked even though you could only see a few stars. I turned and headed down the sidewalk, I assume, because everything happened outside.

Another scene. As I was walking I happened upon a party of some sort and there was this woman there, who started explaining to me about how a pissed off man was hitting on her earlier and said, "I'll take you out, I'll buy you dinner, but if it's the Oiler's box seat tickets you want, you can forget it." (XD; Yes, I'm for real here) Suddenly she looked past me, alerting me to his presence. I stared at him as he came around the corner with what could have been a 7/11 bag as he pulled out two bottles.

Next up, the woman has a gun. She shoots herself in the head as I watch, and I even see the blood spray from the hole in her skull but she keeps moving as if nothing happened. She points the gun at me, and I remember whimpering in fear, "Please, no!" but she merely shook her head, and swung the gun in an arc towards the other guy standing with us. I think she shot herself through the jaw this time, or did something that caused the bullet to fly upward and fall back to the sidewalk in front of me.

I looked at it in awe and said, "look, the bullet."

Scene change. A man and a woman are with me, but I remember them both being Native and strangely familiar. We're in paved backyards, with boarded black/brown fences as a backdrop. Something happened to the guy there and the woman got angry with me, she grabbed me by the shirt collar and yanked me up to yell at me, "I DON'T WANT TO DIE. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE TREASURED ONE! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DIE! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE TREASURED ONE!" over...and over...and over (it's still echoing in my head.) She spat the word 'Treasured' as if it were some pet name given to me that she wanted the rank of instead.

I think the stuffed animals started killing people at this point, and that was what she was yelling about. Her partner was the first to go, somehow set on fire. I remember running away from her and turning around to watch the two up on the top steps, but I only saw her head and her hands were missing, burned off by the flames I never saw.

Here's where it gets fuzzy. I distinctly remember classifying them as stuffed animals, but they were far from resembling a teddy bear or a bunny rabbit. They were stuffed monsters, more like. Anyway, I think I killed one of these things and ran up the stairs past the two corpses, but there was already a stuffy coming to life there. I was narrating in my head as I watched the thing start to move when I approached, slinging my black hoodie over my shoulder (I was preparing to leave the city infested with coming-to-life-stuffed-animals that liked to appear out of nowhere.) It reached for me but the scene changed to me running through a door, only to come face-to-face with my twin.....stuffed animal.

I called it something, and I can't remember what. I woke up before anything could happen though.

After I sat and talked with my father for a while, trying to cling to the last of my nightmares, he left somewhere and I shuffled my way downstairs only to be greeted with a message from Jackyl.

Exactly like her other one, where she viciously attacked me in my sleep.

Jackyl (6:23:40 AM): Fufufu. . .
Jackyl (6:23:59 AM): *hauls out the markers*
Jackyl (6:47:36 AM): *draws a Hitler mustache*
Jackyl (7:28:12 AM): *shaves off the other eyebrow*
Jackyl (7:35:28 AM): *glues a rainbow afro wig to your head*
Jackyl (7:52:28 AM): *shoves a spoon in your mouth*
Me (8:17:04 AM): -Snarls. Dumps a can of paint over her and scoots off to report on some horrific events.-
Jackyl (8:17:17 AM): >.>
Jackyl (8:17:26 AM): Mmm, you can taste the lead.
Me (8:17:32 AM): ...XD
Jackyl (8:18:24 AM): There's two, quite possibly drunk, Japanese boys outside my apartment practicing Kendo.
Me (8:20:02 AM): Rofl. Drunken kendo.
Jackyl (8:20:10 AM): If you need some happy, hit up my last post, German Reggae.
Jackyl (8:20:12 AM): Indeed.
Jackyl (8:20:19 AM): People honk at them as they go by too
Me (8:20:22 AM): Maybe I do.
Me (8:20:33 AM): I actually cried from a nightmare this morning. Wtf.
Jackyl (8:20:37 AM): O_o
Jackyl (8:20:38 AM): Wow
Me (8:20:48 AM): Something's really out of place in my life, I guess?
Jackyl (8:20:55 AM): Boys will do that.
Me (8:21:00 AM): Damn boys.

And so, even though I'm running on three hours of sleep, I think I'll start my day. I have to run around a bit--I wanted to put red streaks in my hair today and get my ears pierced and ready for GAUGE EARRINGS (dundundunnn).

EDIT (3:04 PM) : Wow. After being taken to Canadian Tire by my father, I looked around for the suitcase set that I wanted but I couldn't find it. Damnit--but he's going out to Sherwood Park to pick one up from there. IT'S A GOOD DEAL, MAN. o_o 60% off. Anyways, he drove me to the Town Centre Bus By The Zoom and from there I hoped on the 8 straight to Kingsway.

The procedure for getting my ears pierced was a piece of cake...though an expensive one. Hoshit. More munnies to pay off. And they didn't have the 12 gauge in a pair, so I had to go with 10 gauge. x_x Oh well, I bet it would have felt the same anyway. Same needle being shoved through your ear in a second, yep. It wasn't bad overall; no worse than getting a shot. BETTER THAN THE FUCKING EAR-GUN.

And already I can't feel them...not a good sign, since it'll make it easier for me to forget about them in there. XD; REMIND ME TO CLEAN/SPRAY MY EARS PLZ.

Oh yeah, I picked up my notebook from work, the one with Cody's number in it, and I'm gonna call.

I'm debating on taking a nap before getting the final verdict from the boy regarding us going out tonight. I'm thinking he'll turn me down, so...no nap? Eh. Probably not. Oh well.

Yeah, I'm a pessimist. Shut up.


EDIT #2 (9:30PM) : A two-hour nap and another nightmare later, he doesn't even pick up his phone. Oh well, the nightmare made me lose any sense of happy I could possibly use for hope.

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