October 8th, 2007


I foam at the mouth.

No, seriously--where have you been? I've told you where I've been.

I think. Unless this seems to be an amazing appearance from after a year--or nearly a year, whenever my last post on this journal took place.

I'm tired at the moment and thinking about learning a few things.

Oh yes, I have a car.

And my mighty PC is busted.

And so many things have happened, you would not believe it to be true.


Hahaha. You're going to shoot me for this...but...

...You remember the HyperDimension?

Well, after a year of doing squat with it, and playing on a shiny little forum for a while, I'm thinking about refurbishing it. Except I'll need to change the name due to some video game that's out now--but that's alright. New name, new setup, new players (sort of) should be good.

Don't shoot me, please.

Rachel..put that gun down.
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