June 30th, 2006


Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

Hoo. From 5 AM this morning until 8 AM, I was wrapped in the clutches of a nightmare so moving that when I woke up I actually sought comfort from my father upstairs and cried in his arms. I wish I hadn't so I could remember it more clearly (the man is excellent in the ways of making a kid forget what was so horrible in the first place) to report on it.

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After I sat and talked with my father for a while, trying to cling to the last of my nightmares, he left somewhere and I shuffled my way downstairs only to be greeted with a message from Jackyl.

Exactly like her other one, where she viciously attacked me in my sleep.

Jackyl (6:23:40 AM): Fufufu. . .
Jackyl (6:23:59 AM): *hauls out the markers*
Jackyl (6:47:36 AM): *draws a Hitler mustache*
Jackyl (7:28:12 AM): *shaves off the other eyebrow*
Jackyl (7:35:28 AM): *glues a rainbow afro wig to your head*
Jackyl (7:52:28 AM): *shoves a spoon in your mouth*
Me (8:17:04 AM): -Snarls. Dumps a can of paint over her and scoots off to report on some horrific events.-
Jackyl (8:17:17 AM): >.>
Jackyl (8:17:26 AM): Mmm, you can taste the lead.
Me (8:17:32 AM): ...XD
Jackyl (8:18:24 AM): There's two, quite possibly drunk, Japanese boys outside my apartment practicing Kendo.
Me (8:20:02 AM): Rofl. Drunken kendo.
Jackyl (8:20:10 AM): If you need some happy, hit up my last post, German Reggae.
Jackyl (8:20:12 AM): Indeed.
Jackyl (8:20:19 AM): People honk at them as they go by too
Me (8:20:22 AM): Maybe I do.
Me (8:20:33 AM): I actually cried from a nightmare this morning. Wtf.
Jackyl (8:20:37 AM): O_o
Jackyl (8:20:38 AM): Wow
Me (8:20:48 AM): Something's really out of place in my life, I guess?
Jackyl (8:20:55 AM): Boys will do that.
Me (8:21:00 AM): Damn boys.

And so, even though I'm running on three hours of sleep, I think I'll start my day. I have to run around a bit--I wanted to put red streaks in my hair today and get my ears pierced and ready for GAUGE EARRINGS (dundundunnn).

EDIT (3:04 PM) : Wow. After being taken to Canadian Tire by my father, I looked around for the suitcase set that I wanted but I couldn't find it. Damnit--but he's going out to Sherwood Park to pick one up from there. IT'S A GOOD DEAL, MAN. o_o 60% off. Anyways, he drove me to the Town Centre Bus By The Zoom and from there I hoped on the 8 straight to Kingsway.

The procedure for getting my ears pierced was a piece of cake...though an expensive one. Hoshit. More munnies to pay off. And they didn't have the 12 gauge in a pair, so I had to go with 10 gauge. x_x Oh well, I bet it would have felt the same anyway. Same needle being shoved through your ear in a second, yep. It wasn't bad overall; no worse than getting a shot. BETTER THAN THE FUCKING EAR-GUN.

And already I can't feel them...not a good sign, since it'll make it easier for me to forget about them in there. XD; REMIND ME TO CLEAN/SPRAY MY EARS PLZ.

Oh yeah, I picked up my notebook from work, the one with Cody's number in it, and I'm gonna call.

I'm debating on taking a nap before getting the final verdict from the boy regarding us going out tonight. I'm thinking he'll turn me down, so...no nap? Eh. Probably not. Oh well.

Yeah, I'm a pessimist. Shut up.


EDIT #2 (9:30PM) : A two-hour nap and another nightmare later, he doesn't even pick up his phone. Oh well, the nightmare made me lose any sense of happy I could possibly use for hope.
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