In 2009, raist_ resolves to...
Learn to play the sca.
Backup my linux regularly.
Start a paganism fund.
Cut down to ten cats a day.
Give some werewolves to charity.
Cut down on my dreaming.
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, raist_ sent to me...
Twelve werewolves drumming
Eleven rocks piping
Ten tactics a-leaping
Nine rhps dreaming
Eight timberwolves a-sailing
Seven cats a-gaming
Six boats a-networking
Five shi-i-i-ips
Four computers
Three gladius
Two white wolves
...and a magick in a norse mythology.
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Need Suggestions...

Ok, so I'm looking for something, and need advice from some of you other users.

I need a forum/messageboard software package, preferably Ubuntu pre-packaged, that is actually secure. Security is primary importance, not having a ton of useless features (Like Facebook-connected.... honestly people), and probably MySQL driven on the backend most likely.

Edit: It also needs to allow for private commercial use, but still free.


Oh, and here's the Song of the DayCollapse )

Someone dug up a news article...

Too bad that nobody ever really reads the local paper anymore. He's the tiny blurb that was buried back on page something-or-other.

"A fishing boat out near Superior pulled up an unusual catch yesterday. They found in one of their nets a fifty year old barrel. The barrel was pulled aboard but cracked open on the deck due to it's weakened state. The deckhand, an unidentified student from Northland College, cleaned up the ooze from the barrel. Upon returning to shore the deckhand went into a rage and ran off into the night."

And so it continues...

Ashland is on lockdown as of 8pm tonight. The whole area is under quarantine. Rumor has it that a Northland student went screaming off into the night after contact with a barrel of industrial waste pulled up from Lake Superior and started this whole thing.

I hooked up with a squad of Russian mercs last night, and we ran several perimeter sweeps around campus. No infected targets located. With any luck, they're not already on campus...

Welcome to the suck.