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Entries by tag: youtube!

Just about the only pair of twins I'd admit are more awesome than my twin and I...

And have you all watched the Nee performance by Perfume on this week's MS??????!!!!! Totally awesome/amazing/etc ♥♥

Yes let me spend my night ogling at pretty girls (: Going for my nephew's first month party tomorrow, then going for Larvie's (who's Deborah's sister) birthday barbecue. :D Absolutely love being friends with my BFF cause everytime her siblings have a party I get to go and pig out also AAAAHAHAHAHA excitezxz

"... omg. Chinen is still the coolest!!"

Hi everyone I think all of you should watch THIS whether or not you're interested in Chinen/Hey!Say!JUMP/Japanese nonsense.

I showed this to my twin and even she was amazed! Hahaha.

Chinen is the shortest boy who's jumping by the way, and also the youngest! I secretly wish he'd stay this height forever, hehe and stay as a 17 year old elf. :D

Okay I'm off to meet thefunnybone/Amanda! Hehe.


Have no idea what on earth he's wearing, and what kind of weird hand-flailing spinning dance this is but I was still immensely attracted by this performance. This boy has a bucketful of charisma and I think he's one of the most good looking people I've ever seen. ♥♥♥♥♥

...well until he opens his mouth and says a stupid joke, that is.
I can't believe I'm going on a Junno high. I totally forgot about his amazing acrobatic skills omg Junno. Why so handsome.


Awesome song, PLUS Hongo Kanata Sightings hurhur. His lopsided smile appears alot here and my favourite part of the whole PV is right at the end, where he stands holding an oboe with his Girl. Boy + instrument = ♥ This song is super interesting too, it's a combination of choral and orchestra turned into a pop song. Go figure.


I was watching this video that kamichan posted about, with Yabu and Hikaru singing harunatsuakifuyu, sorry I can't be bothered to type in all those dots,

Link: Yy 2010-01-16 Ha.ru.na.tsu.a.ki.fu.yu

I love HikaBu :D

And look at just how much the 2 of them have changed.

This is one of my favourite live stages EVER, by the way. I love seeing Inoo standing around at the back looking so adorable :D The good old Ya-Ya-yah days with Kusano = ♥♥♥ Yabu was such a pretty kid and Hikaru was such a crafty looking boy!

I think I'm going to ChinaTown with my mum later on for shopping! Even though I've already shopped so much in Hong Kong. Hehe. (:

PS: HONGO KANATA CANNOT GET ANY CUTER, CAN HE? :DDDD Watching Himitsu no Hanazono makes me a Super Happy Girl.


My sister posted a really funny photo of us on her blog hahahaha look at us on our birthdays:

that's what you get for running around for 5 hours in town ALONE, trying to finish buying presents.

I hate going out with her, I end up spending hideous amounts of money, even in Heartland Mall omg D< But there was a cheaaaaap book sale today and I bought those small classic books like Sherlock Holmes(after being inspired by the movie) and the Count of Monte Cristo for eighty cents each! Good deal right!!!! :D


almost ending!!! (:Collapse )
THIS is the funniest episode of Axis Powers Hetalia EVER. AHAHAHAHAHA this show amuses me to no end. I love how they portrayed each country's personality. Germany and Italy are my favorites so far, I think they are both adorable.




"I summon lizards and sweaty palms!"

In just 41 seconds, Massu managed to make me very happy and amused. HAHAHAHAHAHA OMGGGGG.

.....omg I think massu is going to be on my new layout banner. ♥


At 2am last night, just when we were about to sleep, Lamer decided to try her luck to see if we could see the meteor showers! It was one of the moments when we looked out of the window, looked at each other, then RAN downstairs out into the garden.

Night skies and staying Perfectly Still.Collapse )

And this is why I was so tired today at Joy's house, haha.

I can't wait for....Collapse )
ahhhhhhh omg actually I just can't wait for tomorrow to be over.



Hahaha this is quite amusing! It's super funny how some of the people are so shy and they keep am-chioing while doing the silly movements!


I was trying to show this video to my sister but I couldn't find it no matter what until my Brother came to the rescue! :D This shows that my sister is definitely the uncoolest of us all...

I'm putting this here so I can watch this again next time! Heh heh. :D