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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"this is because we are the central people. We don't do anything."

Hello everyone! Long time no post, because I've been buried up to my eyes in things to do D: my exams ended last Thursday, and I spent the entire night and the next morning packing up all my things to move out @__@ I moved out (finally!!) on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday a bunch of us went off to Newcastle for a holiday <3 newcastle is such a happy place aahdjflahdk (: we finally got back home today, packed the last of everything and finally, we are going home TOMORROW. So the main point of this long post is that I have been really busy, and still will be because of my hong kong holiday, but I'm totally loving my life right now (:

I really miss my friends who have left already though, especially nicoleee ): I will miss my Australia family so much! Thankfully we live quite near one another even back in Singapore so we'll keep going out for supper I hope! <3

Also, I'm getting more and more into AKB48 now cause it's super easy to find their videos on YouTube as compared to JE, and Sae-chan is amazing <33333 speaking of fandom, I will only have time to translate on tomorrow's 8 hour plane ride and I'm not sure if I'll even be awake enough to do so, lol. And also, ryuu will forever be my 2nd favorite member in JUMP, my cute boy.

Okay super random post cause I am waiting for JW so we can sleep! We've been sleeping together every night (and talking a lot of kok) ever since Fahimah left hahahaha.

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