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Nocchi //

"Why are you breathing so loudly?" "I'm hungry so I'm eating air!"

I (& my twin) turned 22 yesterday! ♥ As usual, every year we have the Great Birthday Present Showdown, where we fight to the end to give each other the best presents ever! Man, 22 presents... It's getting harder and harder.

Photo 27-11-13 10 36 59 pm
Here's what Jasmine bought for me this year!

By the way, she has been busy studying and she actually even had an exam on our birthday itself- so she had so many presents to buy! :(
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Proper post about birthday next time, but thank you everybody for making my day so special and making me feel so loved ♥

PS: Read this to find out what I bought for Jasmine and what she thought about them! :)
Sakurai Sho // Sho-kun

"Sitcks and stones may break my bones...." "But your height will always be the same."

London 2013: I spent all my money shopping & took a few photos.

3/4 of my exams are done!!! Tomorrow is a public holiday so my next exam isn't till Friday, and I decided to give myself a break and a breather.

This is the first of (probably many) posts about my Frivolous Europe Trip! I am determined to start using my 'travels' tag properly, it has been used very very inconsistently so far... oops!
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And you can click here for my twin's version of the holiday :)
Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"Happy Birthday... I guess."

Happy Birthday jasminelaw!
Happy Birthday Cousin!
Happy Birthday Pinoy!
Happy Birthday (2 other friends from school)!
Happy Birthday Ohno!
Happy Birthday Maru!
Happy Birthday Shinji!

...yaaa I'm not kidding when I say a lot of people share the same birthday as me. But it's not a bad thing, there's plenty of love to go around ♥

Anyway birthday stash post!!! Yez, 1.5 hours after my birthday started, lol. Because just having the presents from my twin is enough to make my entire day (:

Presents I got; Presents I got for her ♥

Note how almost everything in her pile is PINK.

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And I actually wanted to post photos of what I gave to Gwen too but this post is way too picture heavy already so nevermind.. lol. And also I spent a lot of money on her this year @_@ But tutoring is quite profitable so never mind ^^v

continued at 11:45PM

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Okay I'm real tired now, I'm going watch Himitsu! ♥



Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"Twins are very common, but pretty twins, they are uncommon."

Just about the only pair of twins I'd admit are more awesome than my twin and I...

And have you all watched the Nee performance by Perfume on this week's MS??????!!!!! Totally awesome/amazing/etc ♥♥

Yes let me spend my night ogling at pretty girls (: Going for my nephew's first month party tomorrow, then going for Larvie's (who's Deborah's sister) birthday barbecue. :D Absolutely love being friends with my BFF cause everytime her siblings have a party I get to go and pig out also AAAAHAHAHAHA excitezxz
K-On! // Stars

"I want a DS too ):"

My twin sister very nicely gave up a trip to the beach to go volunteering with me today! ♥ (': Because she knew that none of my friends were free, and that I was about to go alone. But before you think she is that saintly, she doesn't like the beach much in the first place, so!

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Day 6: Your favorite j-pop song from your favorite group

Utterly DISGUSTING video quality, but this is one of my favourite songs by Hey! Say! JUMP, and not just because Inoo plays the piano for this.
Shige // Oh Hai Gaiz



My twin ditched me for an entire week and went off for a holiday with chousi! ):< But now she's home and she bought me alooot of things so life is good. Hehe. And as usual, our cycling plans are still very much a failure because I fell asleep for a few hours after piano and she couldn't wake me up. Hahahaha!

I'm glad she's finally home so we can finally go and watch Toy Story 3! She refused to let us watch it without her so my elder sis and I are in the remaining gang of losers who have not watched it yet.

!!! really can't wait! (: This photo was from the time the three of us had an adventure in the west, and went to the Pixar Exhibition.

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And I have real exciting plans in the coming weeks!! :D I better finish translating the next episode tomorrow so I can play at ease. :)
Inoo Kei // Apr WU


Shit! there are two spies @ home. forgot that twins come in a pair , just like mittens and socks.

HAHAHA OMG I HAVE THE CUTEST COUSIN EVER! Slightly old and weird, but still vvv cute. ♥
Shige // Oh Hai Gaiz

"HEY HEY PACKER!! If this is a duck, this is DUCK RISE!" "uh huh. then?"

I seem to be the one who creates the most disasters at work. /: Today, I suddenly discovered that a cushion that I pasted into a set fell out when I passed it to Emilia, and we had to un-mount and re-mount almost all the sets for 1 and a half hours, just to find that all the cushions were pasted in. D: The sets were even ran through X-ray machines. Everyone gobbled their lunches in 5 minutes and ran back upstairs just to help us look for the un-cushioned set argh guilt guilt guiiiilttttt. The gray cushion seriously intimidates me now.

After OT today I went to spend some quality time with my twin sister at Frivolous Mall! (: I got frivolous things but they were really cheap so :D I love going out with my twin sister because we know immediately what the other wants to buy, and we just raise our eyebrows in mock "tsk tsk frivolous girl", but lets each other buy it anyway.

I got this kimono Minnie Mouse as a friend for Bickey(omg does anyone of my pants remember this??)! I only cost me $4.10 YESSAH GOOD DEALS. Yes, I really like Mickey and Minnie Mouse! (:

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PS: koimei, thank you! ♥ I'm trying to figure out how to type up the post, lol.

Edit: see told you all my twin is in love with me. :B