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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

I can't get over this.


I always believed that a Good Holiday is one that makes you snooty, that makes you think, "Oh, I can never do this (e.g. climb a mountain/ cycle/ run to lighthouses) anywhere else in the world again, everything is just sub par."

Well, the Great Barrier Reef just made me snooty about life in general. Oh, I can never live the same way again, everything in the world is just sub par.
JUMP // concert

"I have durian breath. Oh, shit." "This is very diu-lian"

So, after our western Tasmania adventure that I shared about yesterday (I AM ON A ROLLLLLL!), we headed off in the evening towards Cradle Mountain! The plan was to stay in a cabin for one night, and then get up fresh and early the next day. We started on our journey really early because we didn't do much in the day, and we were all proud of ourselves for being extremely on task! All was good until nearly sunset, when we hit a sign that said "ROAD CLOSED."
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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"MEE KIA! Don't think just cause you permed your hair I cannot recognize you!"

I'M BACK!!!! Lost the blogging bug for awhile & I've been so extremely tired that all I want to do every day is sleep. (quick update of my past 13 weeks: I moved to Canberra for placements, then back to Sydney for 5 crazy weeks of intensive uni, and I'm now on another placement in Sydney) It is rapidly dawning upon me how little time I have left in Sydney and how many memories I still need to write down before they all disappear on me, so here's me trying again.

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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"I am a genius at sticker recreation!!!!!!" - quote by me HAHAHA

Herro!!! I decided that it's time to post about my Tasmania trip with my parents back in November 2013 :3 My lovely parents decided to book a flight to see my and ditched the rest of my siblings hahaha!


Super excited to be in Tasmania (because I planned the trip; and that means I got to do whatever I liked!!)

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FMA Brotherhood // Elric Brothers

"Still no lives. See, the heart is still crying. Sob sob sob."

Hallo everyone!! I just got home from Korea and I realized just how many travel posts I need to complete (remember Tasmania? oh gad.)

So anyway, a few days before my parents visited Sydney (and after my clinicals ended), my friends and I went on a road trip to Jamberoo! It is basically a water/ amusement park located in a damn beautiful place with Valleys/ Hills!!!!!! It is like one of my DREAM NSW destinations because I love amusements parks no matter how small/ old they are (I even appreciate lame parks because I think they are 'cute').
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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"# what jess did"


More Disney Magic the next day!

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That's all for our Disney adventure!! We actually had a 3 day pass which went to waste since we were done with the park, but I think on other days it can actually get much more crowded! While the studios could have been a lot better (someone please hire me to be their concept Imagineer!!), I could still feel the Disney magic! SUper love the place ♥

Ok that's all!!! My tute starts in 7 minutes and I have NOT done any work for the past 1.5 hours. See how hardworking I am (in blogging)? HAHAHA. Bye!!!!!

PS: Yes, I know my hat was on backwards in like at least half the photos (especially obvious in those with me looking embarrassing...). But seriously it's not my fault! The hat looks the same front and back unlike Jasmine's. Harrumph.