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Entries by tag: the last 30 days of 2009


day 29 → hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days

FINALLY!Collapse )

Poh-E thinks it's 5 days to Hong Kong, Jana insists that it's 6, but whatever the case WE'RE GOING TO HONGKONG SOOOON!!!!! WHY SO EXCITING :D I think it's 5 too, just because it makes the trip seem to come sooner hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha! ♥

oh happy day!

day 05 → your favourite quote

day 05Collapse )

My Blue Shoe Adventure that almost got me killed by Debs and Twin. Heh. :D

Today's post is really early because tonight is prom night! I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but my friends and I have exciting plans for the night (:

PS: I love Massuperman! I love how the lyrics secretly have food names hidden in them, Massu's such a glutton and an adorable one at that heh heh. I love my massu icon too :D

"Life is Gooooood."

Hello! Today was definitely a much better day, though I don't think I have much hopes of finding my wallet back again. D: I lost it yesterday while I was with Debs and my sister, and today I went back to all the shops again to try to look for it but it wasn't there. )': I haven't lost anything this important in at least 4 years so this feels very horrible D:

Anyway! Lots of happy things cheered me up today (: Like waking up to a silly text message, an awesome manipedi and a shopping trip with my mummy. And of course! THANK YOU TRACEE (quoins for sending me the cute virtual snowflake cookie ♥♥ *sends so much love to you*

So yes, even though I am wallet(and I/C and EZ-Link-Card and ATM-Card and Douy-Card)-less, I'm happy to have such great people around me (:


day 04 → your favourite book

day 04Collapse )

PROM NIGHT IS TOMORROW! I hope I have fun. :D


Today has been a hideously terrible day. ): I felt like the most pathetic and silly boob in the world two times in one day. Definitely a day I'll look back at in 5 years and laugh at myself, but for now I just feel like a sad slug.

Thank goodness for my ever patient and lovely boob-twin and boob-bestie. ♥

JLPT2 went much better than I thought though, thank goodness I decided to study last night because I decided to bang on remembering one new vocabulary word, "thunder", and it came out during a confusing listening question! I was like 8D when I heard it.


day 03 → your favourite television programme

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I'm going for a manicure/pedicure tomorrow with my bimbos and I'm sure it'll be a better day!

day 02 → your favourite film

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I really really need to study for my JLPT2. S: I am quite sure I can pass it but I want to do well for it. Ever since A Levels ended, all my passion for studying has melted away. ): Thinking of Mori-sensei's funny phrases and cute antics make things slightly better though. (: I shall eat alot of Kit-Kat tomorrow ;D