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"I think she should buy a car that is sturdier in future." "I think she needs to buy a tank."

I think I should create a new crafts/ sewing tag. But all my posts are kinda from a long time ago and are now really hard to track D:

Anyway, today I'm sharing my latest hobby/ project- eraser carving ♥

I have always had a weakness for wooden stamps, I love love love looking at them and I have a teeny collection that I sifted out from shops. However I was getting tired of paying so much for stamps!!!

I have been researching this in excitement for a looong time on pinterest, but I wasn't sure where else to look for tools apart from online and eraser carving kits are mega mega expensive! But today while wandering around my favorite shop in the world (Daiso HAHA), I found all the tools I need for next to nothing ♥

I bought an eraser block meant for stamp carving, and two sets of carving tools - $6 in total!!! :D

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