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KAT-TUN // gonin

"I'd die for food." "Actually, without food, you'd die anyway."

Hi guys, after a whirlwind of events, I can finally say that I am free and have lots of time to do nothing ♥ I got back home from a crazy holiday in Hong Kong last night, and though it was extremely amazing I'm glad to finally be home, and to be able to spend time on my hobbies, which I have been deprived of the past 4 months.

And so today I went out with my dad and I got lots of exciting things!

Glue gun plus golf tees (or whatever they are called) = whole evening burnt

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Code Geass // SUZAKU WIN

"that girl is so cheap, she is free!"

I realized after talking to Gwen, that alot of my new LJ friends do not know about my love for pandas. D: So I made a part 2 of my panda collection, mostly for Gwen because she doesn't stalk me enough to know. D:<

Panda clothing is not included because it was too dark to rummage through my wardrobe. I really wanted to show you all my new panda shirt(s) and panda socks from Lynnette that I forgot to include last time! ):

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There, now you all know one more random fact about me. :D And whether or not you're my new friend, please tell me one of your hobbies! I want to know what sort of funny things you all like to get up to.
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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

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Like I said, I am not obsessed with them, I only have a mild interest in them.