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Entries by tag: keycovers

Hi guys, after a whirlwind of events, I can finally say that I am free and have lots of time to do nothing ♥ I got back home from a crazy holiday in Hong Kong last night, and though it was extremely amazing I'm glad to finally be home, and to be able to spend time on my hobbies, which I have been deprived of the past 4 months.

And so today I went out with my dad and I got lots of exciting things!

Glue gun plus golf tees (or whatever they are called) = whole evening burnt

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OPINIONS? COMMENTS? D: I have no idea how to sort/arrange my keycovers anymore... And building those wooden things have made about a thousand splinters in my hands. ...Do they even look good?

Argh this photo is taken so badly... If you look closely all my eito keycovers have coloured keys!! I spent a bomb on them. I still need to buy more keys and think about how else I can arrange my keycovers. D: Oh and buy more wood too, I'm running out of wood!

Oh! And this is my felt holder. Isn't she the prettiest thing you've ever seen? ♥



"Wake up already!!"

constructed from wood I found on top of my wardrobe, held together with glue and price tags I absent-mindedly pasted on my table, strengthened with cardboard from a magiclean box.

Experiment No. 2.


Writer's Block: Collector's piece

Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

So far in my life, I have collected alot of things. Stickers, beads, stuffed toys, carebears, Sylvanian families toys, barbie dolls, potatoes (the magazine! HAHA)... and all of these have grown into huge collections that of course, I have not thrown out! Right now I'm very into collecting keycovers. :D

I don't have a favorite collection, I love all of them deeply, but I guess if I had to choose, it would of course be keycovers, since it's the only one I'm actively collecting! :D The story of my keycover wall has a very tragic ending.

Remember when I said that the lock spoiled and that we got a new lock? I painstakingly collected so many keys from my family. But two weeks after that post, the new lock spoiled and my dad repaired the old lock. Yes, my friends, you can imagine my face at that time. D8 Up till now I still haven't gotten around to collecting the new keys from the new spoilt lock.. I have decided that I should only collect keys from locks that have been BURNED AND THROWN AWAY FOREVARRR because my dad thinks he's a mechanic and tries to fix everything himself, and he usually succeeds. ):

Okay you all can stop laughing at me!

But if you all want to laugh more, I applied to NTU as the university I would go to if I decide that I love money, and I got into Accountancy. O: I should never have applied for it, I think! I foresee myself crying myself into boredom every day at lectures...

And today's the last day of my friends' block leaves. ): I will surely miss the day-long MSN conversations and conversations that last for more than 5 minutes at a time. Oh well.
So the lock of my gate finally broke down after a million years. (I was the one who broke it last, actually. Haha.) So guess what everyone has to do with the key for the lock? NOTHING! And guess who gets to keep all of them? ME! My keycover wall is slowly expanding (: The only thing better than having 9 people living in your house is having 9 forgetful people living in the house! :B Without even asking anyone for the keys yet, I've dug out 8 keys from random corners of the house already.

Here's another photo of my dad because I know all of you think he's very cute.

He calls this photo "对牛彈琴" (Literally 'playing music to a bull', which is a Chinese Proverb) HAHAHA.

Shall work real hard tomorrow as well (so that they'll cancel Saturday's OT)


I've decided to keep weekends for my slothing around at home from now on! Going out on weekends = bad idea because I tire myself out and what follows after a weekend is 5 straight days at the factory.

Which means... I now have tons of time for my useless projects! ♥

I opened my keycovers box today and was shocked (in a good way) at just how many keycovers I have collected over the years. And they looked so sad and stuffed in the box that I really wanted to do something about them, so...

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PS: I also zhng-ed my panda toy display today :D


94 and counting! Haha this photo looks extremely shiny I think! (:

Alright, off I go to do math!


Extremely long and tiring day today! And as much as I hate my uterus and all things that come together with it, I'm very sure that the immense anger, angst and annoyance I felt today had nothing to do with it. Ahhh but I guess life is like that! All things smooth sailing will just make one forget and fail to appreciate the things they have in life.

Wonderful things like shopping for spanking new stationary, eating cookies and cream ice cream, making music, ♥PAUL FRANK KEYCOVERS♥ and green tea, and the people who come together with it! Yes, I do like drowning my emotions in frivolity.

Very awesome buy because it's like 2 of my greatest loves on earth combined into one! Woohoo! :D


I haven't updated for extremely long! How's everyone?

A few things that happened over the past week!

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Somehow, looking back on the week, I actually had so many wonderful moments, apart from the 2 tests, crazy workload and all. But somehow I am enjoying myself, but am neither truly happy nor contented. I think year 2 is killing all the fun in my life, and it shouldn't be this way. My last school year before university has to be better than this! As quoted by my friend poh-e on the morning of our crazy chemistry test, is the rest of the year going to be as hectic and tiring as this? I'm afraid to say this, but I think it's going to get worse. And I am going to make sure I get out of this alive, and somehow managed to let my entries still be posted while I'm 'chipper'.