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Entries by tag: icons

"I almost said my sock has a toe."

50 Inoo IconsCollapse )

Credit and comments are nice, but not necessary. Please don't edit these icons in anyway, thank you! ♥

...and I can't believe I actually completed all 50 of them. iFaint.


"i am like reeaally emotional."

[11] Wahaha Gif! icons

here(:Collapse )


♥ credits


[33] Hey!Say!JUMP icons
[1] Shoon
[1] Taiyo

This icon post was supposed to contain NEWS and KANJANI8 icons too. But in the end I failed in making them, and I deleted the batch. I'll make more next time though! :D

Constructive criticism welcome, and credit is not necessary. All I ask for is that you don't edit these icons in any way.

icons here!Collapse )


"but.. you're wearing one shoe!"

My friend was commenting about the lack of junior icons nowadays, so here you go. (:

The same friend told me that they were too huge, so I resized them again. Thanks, friend. (:

[14] Hey!Say!JUMP

Credit or comments isn't necessary but please don't edit these icons! Thanks. ♥

icon post the second!Collapse )


May. 10th, 2007