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I can't get over this.


I always believed that a Good Holiday is one that makes you snooty, that makes you think, "Oh, I can never do this (e.g. climb a mountain/ cycle/ run to lighthouses) anywhere else in the world again, everything is just sub par."

Well, the Great Barrier Reef just made me snooty about life in general. Oh, I can never live the same way again, everything in the world is just sub par.
I'M BACK!!!! Lost the blogging bug for awhile & I've been so extremely tired that all I want to do every day is sleep. (quick update of my past 13 weeks: I moved to Canberra for placements, then back to Sydney for 5 crazy weeks of intensive uni, and I'm now on another placement in Sydney) It is rapidly dawning upon me how little time I have left in Sydney and how many memories I still need to write down before they all disappear on me, so here's me trying again.

Tasamania Day 2: LauncestonCollapse )
Herro!!! I decided that it's time to post about my Tasmania trip with my parents back in November 2013 :3 My lovely parents decided to book a flight to see my and ditched the rest of my siblings hahaha!


Super excited to be in Tasmania (because I planned the trip; and that means I got to do whatever I liked!!)

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Hallo everyone!! I just got home from Korea and I realized just how many travel posts I need to complete (remember Tasmania? oh gad.)

So anyway, a few days before my parents visited Sydney (and after my clinicals ended), my friends and I went on a road trip to Jamberoo! It is basically a water/ amusement park located in a damn beautiful place with Valleys/ Hills!!!!!! It is like one of my DREAM NSW destinations because I love amusements parks no matter how small/ old they are (I even appreciate lame parks because I think they are 'cute').
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I'm home in Singapore you guys!!! Back for the summer ♥ I'm so happy and excited to finally be home :3 I've got heaps of things to post about and also do... and I'm hoping to get through them eventually. Because honestly, since I've dropped off fandom, I haven't made any new friends and all my close online friends aren't even active anymore, so no one really reads this anymore. Well, I DO, and I still think that keeping my words and photos in one place is really important so I'm not going to stop writing for myself (even if my writing is crap and I'm not hipster enough.)

So anyway this post is about Jervis Bay! It's a really really really beautiful place about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney (or 2.5, if your friend drives really slowly, like mine.) - and it's currently number one on my Favorite Places in Australia list. I spent a happy weekend (Friday to Sunday) here, and it really wasn't enough :(

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It's SUMMER TIME!!!! I'm heading home in about 10 days because my parents are here (heehee) and we are going to Tasmania before I fly home for the holidays ♥ My backlog of travel posts is getting ridiculous so here's a happy post about Canberra :)

Canberra has a yearly month-long flower festival called Floriade, and it features lots of pretty floral displays - most notably tulips (one of my favorite flowers after my trip to Amsterdam, of course!!). I actually went last year too, but I think I was at a really ugly phase in life so I never posted photos HAHAHA.
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"Look at my snuffles panda!"

Bangkok Part 2!Collapse )
Bangkok, I hope to see you again soon!!!! ♥♥♥


# Roach Did Everything

Last post on Europe!! (Before I start talking about my other Australian travels hehe) I used to wonder why other people's photos always look better than mine (I mean I know I'm quite a crappy photographer, but still?! Then I realized it's because they EDIT THEIR PICTURES. So I decided to do it for the last post at least. All the photos have inconsistent colours cause I was just playing around with it (and also cause the colour I like doesn't suit all photos haha). :)
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Haha okay I have a brother too, please don't forget about him! I love him very much too.



This is my last post about Paris! ♥ Then I will talk about Amsterdam after that hehe.

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Japan Trip Post Loot Post!

Using an awesome Mugi-chan icon hehe

Supposed to be Loot-y but it really isn't...Collapse )

After calling the travel agent very exasperatedly since she stopped replying my emails, I found out that she went overseas! So I had to re-send all my information to another agent, cause apparently "their email system is spoiled so they didn't get my emails." /: Hopefully I can book my tickets by tonight! There's a scholar dinner thing tomorrow and I'll feel very silly and noob-ish, if I say things like "Oh... I don't know when I'm flying." I always shock them by being so insanely late in doing everything, D||