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Entries by tag: fansubs

Tokyo Friend Park II: Tumbling Appearance


[SUBBED] Tumbling DVD special: bloopers

Sorry for the hastily done banner D|

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TUMBLING DVD Specials: Team Meeting

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Is anyone excited for D☆DATE as well?? :D :D :D


Shuumatsu YY Jumping at Tokyo Disneysea®

YY Jumping 2010-04-17
Featuring: Yabu and Hikaru

(Argh, the first time I split the file I set the settings as KB instead of MB and it split itself into 250 parts! /fail)

Top 10 ways for adults to enjoy Tokyo Disneysea®! Actually, I personally feel that the things they introduced can be enjoyed by kids too, but oh well, hahaha. Hikaru is a genius at spotting Hidden Mickeys, and I love how he walks around with Duffy stuffed into his coat! Yabu's Mickey Ears headband is super adorable. :D This episode was really cute and also very informative if you plan to go to TDS anytime soon, so I hope you all will enjoy it!

Comments are nice, credit is not necessary but please do not upload onto any streaming sites!!!!

There still are some mistakes with the subs, sorry about that, I will work harder to improve on it. Oh! And this video was very exciting for me because one of the fonts I used is my own personalized font with my handwriting. My real handwriting is obviously not as frivolous with so many heartshapes and curls, but I wanted to make a fun font so I went ahead with them. (:

Credits for the raw file goes to yuki_koushi and babyrainie@jpopsuki. Thank you ♥

Other subbed episodes of YY Jumping can be found at yyjumpin! Do join and watch it. (:


Shounen Club 2007-09-02
Featuring: Hikaru, Yabu, Inoo, A.B.C., Miyata, Tamamori, Fujigaya, Kitayama, Nikaido

Download (106MB)
if anyone requires megaupload links, please let me know and I'll upload it for you.

Watch the boys do three legged limbo, race using cardboard, and do pull ups! This is my first time subbing, so there may be mistakes, sorry. I also left out parts where everyone got very worked up and started talking at the same time, the words were impossible to work out! Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. (:

Comments are nice, credit is not necessary but please do not upload onto any streaming sites!

I did this on a whim after being stuck at home with a cold and a lost voice, and it turned out to be very fun. If I am bored enough next time, I'll definitely sub more videos. :D