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Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"it's coffee bits!" "No it's vomit from drinking red wine. trust me, I've done it before!"

I'M HOME EVERYONE!!! ♥♥ I got back at 6am and just fell asleep till now D}

It's been an awesome two weeks but frankly I'm glad to be home because I'm so tired and worn out from all the daily walking, running, and talking and laughing with my family! So this is one trip then I'm not sad to be back from, though it was my favorite country hahaha!

Okay I cannot forgive myself if I don't write a new year post, so I was frantically seeing if there was a new year meme going around AND I FOUND IT! Yay thanks dreamweavernyx

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PS: I got your Christmas card, Jessica johneatsyou ♥ Thank you for your cute panda drawing!! (:
Inoo Kei // Apr WU

"I ate beans for lunch."


I've just about realised how I screwed up my counting so badly that I'm 5 days behind in this meme. ): I take H2 math, yet I cannot count to 30. But it's okay! I decided to cheat and do 2 today, skipping the 26th one, and tomorrow I'll do the 29th one, and I'll skip the 30th because I have no inspiration for "whatever tickles my fancy". Ho-hum.

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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVERYONE! I thought NYE was supposed to be a day of family time, but all my siblings went ahead and made plans with their friends, so I'm home alone today. What a way to end the year. Oh well, we'll have exciting plans in the midnight though!

I've been watching alot of Invincible Youth, haha. Yuri, Narsha and Goo Hara are so cute omg! :DD