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Entries by tag: birthday

I (& my twin) turned 22 yesterday! ♥ As usual, every year we have the Great Birthday Present Showdown, where we fight to the end to give each other the best presents ever! Man, 22 presents... It's getting harder and harder.

Photo 27-11-13 10 36 59 pm
Here's what Jasmine bought for me this year!

By the way, she has been busy studying and she actually even had an exam on our birthday itself- so she had so many presents to buy! :(
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Proper post about birthday next time, but thank you everybody for making my day so special and making me feel so loved ♥

PS: Read this to find out what I bought for Jasmine and what she thought about them! :)


Hello everyone!!! I am BACK IN SINGAPORE ♥ And I'll be staying here for the next 3 months. So happy to finally be home again :)

After my exams ended, I zipped off to gold coast, then spent the rest of the days packing like crazy to move and then went home! Now I finally have the time to update about everything that has been happening, so I'll do that slowly hehe!

This is the first of my birthday posts - I turned 21 last Monday. I spent it without my twin sister, as you all know, because she went to Edinburgh on exchange for a year. I could have gone home way earlier and had a party and stuff but I really didn't want to, so I chose to go on holiday to the gold coast with some of the people I love the most in Sydney!

Hardly any pictures cause I have lazy friends, and the lazier me didn't even bother bringing a camera.
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"I think I eat underwear"

Took about a thousand years to post this cause... well okay there is no actual reason for this.

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So every year I feel like a blessed girl, and I know everyone thinks I'm the luckiest person on earth with the best twin ever BUT ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG, because even my twin admitted that the presents I got her this year OUTDID HER PRESENTS WOOHOO (Y) (Y) (Y) She also needs to be scorned, because today we planned to leave the country together for a day trip secretly, and she freaking overslept.

Overslept as in... woke up at 2pm. Even with my neighbours literally demolishing their entire house for renovations. I was so upset with her (that she promised to pay for EVERYTHING during our make-up trip).

Okay now I feel like the evil twin. I SWEAR I USUALLY AM THE NICE ONE OKAY. When she posts up her photos I'll link you guys and you'll see how great a sister I am. *flips hair*

Okaaaay 1234am madness, I realise that I am beginning to go off on a tangent. (The time really is 1234am btw!)


"Happy Birthday... I guess."

Happy Birthday jasminelaw!
Happy Birthday Cousin!
Happy Birthday Pinoy!
Happy Birthday (2 other friends from school)!
Happy Birthday Ohno!
Happy Birthday Maru!
Happy Birthday Shinji!

...yaaa I'm not kidding when I say a lot of people share the same birthday as me. But it's not a bad thing, there's plenty of love to go around ♥

Anyway birthday stash post!!! Yez, 1.5 hours after my birthday started, lol. Because just having the presents from my twin is enough to make my entire day (:

Presents I got; Presents I got for her ♥

Note how almost everything in her pile is PINK.


And I actually wanted to post photos of what I gave to Gwen too but this post is way too picture heavy already so nevermind.. lol. And also I spent a lot of money on her this year @_@ But tutoring is quite profitable so never mind ^^v

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Okay I'm real tired now, I'm going watch Himitsu! ♥




"Your table is a disgrace!"

So yes we cleaned our tables today! Yipee! :D (I feel like massuperman)
Since I'm on a roll I decided to post cool photos of things! They are all very frivolous and shiny and it'll make you very happy! (:


Actually, it isn't that bad because I moved out of my room to a random other table to study halfway through, so the piles are on another table. I feel as if each person taking the A Levels killed at least 2 trees each, judging from the sheer amount of paper we use.

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My sister's presents to me. I know all of you love her drawing.

My 18th BirthdayCollapse )


from me to sister

from sister to me

Haha, yes we are very very artistically different.

Okay click for more shinies and about what I did on my birthday. Pretty image heavy though..


And in the end I had a reaallly great birthday, thank you everyone who messaged me at 12am, who messaged me halfway through the day and for messaged me at the las minute of my birthday, and fpr those who wished me online. <3

And of course, thank you ruxay, for that sweet birthday email. I miss you lots and I'm waiting for christmas to come soon!

Alright that was reallly tiring, haha. (: