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Entries by tag: 30 day meme 2013

Day 3: A picture of you and your friends


This is a photo of my best friends and I (uhm, I'm in orange. Though I think everyone already knows this.) These girls are from my secondary school, and 5 out of 6 of us were in band, so we used to spend a lot of time together. Here's us at my best friend's annual birthday BBQ, after we counted down to the new year. This is an amazing bunch of friends I'm very sure I'm never going to lose. We meet less than 10 times a year, but even so I feel closer to them each time we have a great day together. In future I dream of us being like my mother's own group of friends, able to meet up every chinese new year and making a ruckus, even though they are all a bunch of old folks. :)

I went for a family movie tonight! We had so much fun. I've come to think that it's only after I left for Sydney to pursue my studies that my family started to spend more time with each other. And the funny thing is that we actually do want to spend more time with each other. Making time for family will always be the most important to me.
Day 2: The meaning behind your LJ name

Everyone knows this and I'm kind of tired of explaining it, but basically it came from the cuties from the cartoon Codename: Kids Next Door. Also, I love sock monkeys and who doesn't like rainbows? :)

I have 6 more days in Singapore. Have to keep myself busy so I don't miss out on anything, but as everyone says, keeping busy only makes time go by more quickly. I hope that in the next 6 days I can meet everyone I want, eat all the food I need to eat (currently on my list: Turkey Bacon Double Cheeseburger from Burger King & Yummy Kimchi Soup NOMNOM) and be able to squeeze in time to work a little magic.

I had a great day with the parents today, just shopping with my mum and having my dad stand in the store on his own. He somehow likes it 'cause he likes "listening to music". I secretly think he just doesn't want to be let out. Anyway, a few hours with the parents was enough to get me lots of new clothes, a great amount of attention (because we all need it seeing as my parents have 4 kids) and enough epic quotes to last awhile.