Jessica Law (rainbowmonkeys_) wrote,
Jessica Law

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How time flies //

Hello, how are you?

Can you believe how fast time has passed? This entry that I'm typing out right now, is actually going to be posted ahead of my "friends-locked" entry? An entry I set 10 years after the date I created this journal as a silly 14 year old, thinking that this day would never come?

Nothing lasts forever. Someone told me that hitting the big 25, the big Quarter Life Crisis year is when you start categorising friends (and life in general) into Puddles and Oceans. Will I cross oceans for you? Or mere puddles? Will you do the same back?

When I was younger, I had many oceans. I lost many of them along the way because I didn't treasure them enogh, or because I realized that I was never gonna be their ocean. I learned how to let go. Today, I think I have less than 5.

And most days I think I am okay with that.
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