Jessica Law (rainbowmonkeys_) wrote,
Jessica Law

"Did she just speak Thai to you?" *30 minutes later* "Did that lady speak Thai to you too?"

Was going to post about Korea (which happened exactly 1 year & 1 day ago HA HA HA) but the photos I uploaded kept cocking up and refusing to post themselves.

Anyway, I have a grand total of 5 days left in Sydney. Five. I still remember January 2011, before I upped and left for the adventure of a lifetime. I was having dinner with my family on a very normal night, when I looked around and realized that I was going to be leaving all of them soon. I remember having to run upstairs in the middle of dinner because I was exploding into a ball of tears.

Leaving this time is going to be worse. Last time, I was alway comforted by the fact that I would be going back eventually. But this time I know what I'm leaving behind, and also that it would be a very, very, very long time if (I ever) come back again.

Sigh. Sydney has stolen my heart :(

What is growing up? Is it graduating from uni, starting a job, and earning your keep? Is it the ability to take care of your parents, allowing them to finally retire in peace? (Well, this is for mum, my dad has been happily retired for the past 2 or so years) Or is it wanting to live a slow, happy life, and stop playing games? Maybe it is all of the above. I know for sure that I am definitely out of the game.
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